How to Correct your Dog's BAD Behavior!

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I’ll tackle a number of your dog training questions in this video!

Videos I refer to in this video:

An introduction to clicker training:
Playlist- How to teach your dog tricks:
How to teach your dog to STOP BARKING:
The “Leave it/ look at me combo”:
How to teach the perfect game of fetch:

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

28 Responses

  1. Aaron Aviles
    | Reply

    Hey Zak I recently adopted a dog from the shelter. Her name is Ginger a 3 yo Doberman. She’s every scared of other dogs And tends to nip at them and parks. I recently met with the behavioral specialist and he taught me how to use a spray bottle to calm her behavior. It worked well, will I damage the relationship I have with her? What do you think of the. Spray bottle?

  2. Belle Delphine
    | Reply

    My dog constantly barks 24/7 he is a little brat he once came up to a stranger and barked and growled for walking past it was so embarrassing! That little spoiled bitch 😡

  3. Ari Song
    | Reply

    Gee whiz….  Why does this video take FOREVER to get to the main point? Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

  4. Deepti Sharma
    | Reply

    Should I slap my dog once while doing bad behaviour

  5. 👉 Solve Your Dog Problems
    | Reply

    @Henry cIick it, Hope it helps…

  6. willow815
    | Reply

    I think caesar should recruit this guy

  7. Markia Brown
    | Reply

    How to get my 3 year old dog to stop nudging and pushing me with his paws when he wants attention

  8. Julio Barroso
    | Reply

    Hi zack I adopt a greyhound with 8 year old his is brilliant but I can't get him to be not aggressive with other dogs

  9. van van
    | Reply

    My dog brought me here… My keppy is quite overflowing with energy… How to calm her?

  10. Karen Louisjo
    | Reply

    Keep doing training

  11. Karen Louisjo
    | Reply

    I love dog😍

  12. Kirb Stomp
    | Reply

    he answered nothing

  13. AesthetelyLiza
    | Reply

    i came here because me and my mom will get a dog in a few months and i wanted to be prepared.

  14. The Bearded Grower
    | Reply

    Somehow I don't believe you commonly get asked where you get your dog food.

  15. Kiky Fletcher
    | Reply

    You look like a Cat…. I love your big eyes😍😍😍

  16. golfinguna
    | Reply

    So you do not believe a firm NO is the a good correction? God help your kids if you have any. This is basically an advert for petflow foods which is virtually the same junk food that is sold all over the planet.

  17. Rue 2.0
    | Reply

    I absolutely love you videos. The look at me has helped all 3 of my dogs. Thank you.

  18. Joker exe
    | Reply

    none of your videos actually have ever worked for me

  19. Esther Charbonneau
    | Reply

    I have a dog named ursa and she is the nicest dog ever she never bites or bark but a few weeks ago we adopted her sister Stella and ursa got really jealous and each time Stella comes towards me ursa fights her and Idk if ursa is jealous or she doesn’t like her but please i need help for them to get along 🙏.

  20. how to change a profile pic help
    | Reply

    My mom told me every time my puppy bites me or something else to hit her. Should I do that?

  21. Toby Lab draws
    | Reply

    I’m glad my dog is a fast learner

  22. ChronoDroid YT
    | Reply

    Omg Thanks Mr. Zack Sir. My Dog is Now Obeying my Commands THANK YOUU!

  23. Emma Mattingly
    | Reply

    Yeah but how do i make my dog stop humping my toddler? Not much i can do to prevent that so how do i STOP it bc my dog doesnt give a shit if I clap.

  24. Maria Kispotta
    | Reply

    Omg!! This guy talks too much it's very annoying 😨

  25. Miggy
    | Reply

    This dude is a simp..
    Depending on the gravity of the situation.. I find a bottle of water works well… if it doesn’t get the point across, a belt seems to deliver the message

  26. Logan Legleiter
    | Reply

    This tells me nothing

  27. Bee
    | Reply

    The answer: don't start the habit and be consistent.

  28. Mikey Fentiman
    | Reply

    good video aswell

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