How to Clip Dog Nails – Tips from the Dog Training Guys (

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description for more information on Trimming dog’s nails and other dog training information. If you cut your dog’s nails too short be sure to use styptic powder or corn starch. You can also become a fan of us on facebook at http

What do you think?

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12 Responses

  1. bladeimm
    | Reply

    How do we know when nails need clipping? When they have a “hook”?

  2. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @bladeimm Yes, clip the “hook”. Although some dogs never need a nail trim. For instance, dogs that are walked on pavement usually need less nail trimming or no nail trimming.

  3. GetDamage
    | Reply

    Thanks for the video. It was extremely helpful.

  4. GetDamage
    | Reply

    @bladeimm Yeah, the “hook”. The tip of the canoe where the Indian was sitting… clip that part to make it straight.

  5. FightSocialism
    | Reply

    You make great videos. I have learned allot from you. Thanks!

  6. FREEDG9
    | Reply

    This is a great vid for showing people like me who are just not good at nail trimming, thanks! I’ve never seen the version of how to come at the nail, like in this vid so it’s great info & demo! I have one question, do you guys have a demo on how to clip nails on a dog who’s fighting it? I have a friend who needs the info bigtime! You guys rock & are pretty damn funny too!

  7. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @FREEDG9 Will do… Hopefully will get that vid out within a few days. Thanks for the compliments!

  8. guibrvid
    | Reply

    Guys, which camera do you use?

  9. k91dogtraining
    | Reply

    @guibrvid Sony hdr-sr7 love it!

  10. michaelcarmonajr
    | Reply

    You can actually split the nail (like a polyseed) by cutting it horizonally like you show. Groomers recommend you cut it laterally.

  11. EratoTiaTuatha
    | Reply

    Lol, I didn’t even get the “Dix/dicks”joke until you explained it ;P Nah, it’s just really late and I’m too sleepy for that.Personally I’ve never had an “accident” with my dog and I’ve clipped her nails since we got her-almost eleven years ago, and I was nine at the time. But now that you’ve shown me this new way I’m not gonna risk it and will try it out next time.Actually,I think her nails might need clipping just about now,but I’ll wait until I’m not that sleepy or I’ll cut her head instead;P

  12. EratoTiaTuatha
    | Reply

    Hey guys, me again. I need your help. I have a cocker spaniel puppy here, exactly 5 weeks old today. Her nails are really long and she’s not only scratching me all the time, but they also get in her way a lot as she can’t free her paws from things like my sweater. But her nails are still thin and sharp like a cat’s, so I’m not sure if I should cut them already. Please help?

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