How to CLICKER TRAIN Your Dog: The FASTEST WAY to Teach your Dog to be AWESOME!

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46 Responses

  1. doglover
    | Reply

    so when you have a puppy (border collie) and you don’t exactly know wether
    or not they are food or play driven, when you start conditioning the
    clicker, do you give the reward alternating between the two (a treat and a
    small round of a game)? or at random times? i just want her to understand
    that when i click she gets either a treat or a3 second play time. I know my
    golden is food driven, and when i click and try to play with a ball or tug
    toy, i can tell he’d rather have a treat, and he is kinda confused if i do
    break out a toy because he’d much rather have a treat (so now i stick with
    treats for him) Thank you. (i don’t have my pup yet, but will in the next
    couple weeks) 

  2. Jackie Tigaar
    | Reply

    I have had my new puppy for about 7 weeks now and i really want her to get
    used to water! i want to bring her to the beach and have her just love to
    swim and play in the water. But i cant because she dislikes the water or is
    just scared of it. im going to start brining her to the beach and to the
    valleys soon and i want her to enjoy being there. but how do i get my new
    puppy to love to swim and play in the water?

  3. EvelineUK
    | Reply

    What an incredibly cute puppy and a great session. I hope it will get lots
    of people to start working with a clicker.

  4. Jeez Louise
    | Reply

    I’d like to know if the clicker can help with a puppy biting and how to use
    the clicker in this instance? My Cavalier KC is 14 weeks old is quite the
    nipper when playing, and when you try to stroke him, he will automatically
    raise his head and open his mouth. He is very loving, and loves company and
    when he’s not so excited he will happily let you stroke and hold him
    without the biting. I do really want to get the biting under control. 

  5. Eleanor Millar
    | Reply

    Great video as always, but I have a question: When my puppy is energetic I
    like to play fetch with him with his ball but after a few throws he gets
    bored even when I am super excited about it. I’m not sure how to get him to
    play fetch consistently without getting bored. Please help!

  6. Camecol21
    | Reply

    I don’t know if Dennis is new or if he edited but I thought the editing
    seemed better than ever in this video. Thanks for the great videos!

  7. Nicholas Hall
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, love your work dude. I have a question if you don’t mind me
    asking. A professional trainer I was speaking with recently claimed that
    positive only training with treats often leads to aggression and serious
    behavior problems, sometimes leading to euthanasia. I argued that I could
    not fathom a link but she is insistent many of her clients come to her as a
    result of problems caused by what she refers to ‘treat training’. Any idea
    what she’s talking about ? I would value your opinion on this.

  8. Hannah Elizabeth
    | Reply

    These videos are extremely helpful. I have a rescue pup (lab/greyhound mix)
    who is well over a year old and she is picking up on everything super
    quickly with these techniques. It’s great to watch her progress, and really
    exciting to see her loving the training! 

  9. Danman
    | Reply

    What if i don’t have a clicker

  10. Caitlin Peacock
    | Reply

    I always thought the treat should come rather quickly so the dog doesn’t
    get distracted and then lose interest. Well, my puppy gets distracted
    easily haha! This is a great video, people always wonder how I can get a
    dog into a certain position but it’s not always just automatic. It has to
    be done in small steps.

  11. Ken Khuzae
    | Reply

    definitely getting a clicker soon

  12. Copper Bobby
    | Reply

    I have used a clicker with four of the 8 dogs that I train. It’s a great
    piece of training equipment and I really hope more people use it.
    Its great for excitable dogs that may be a struggle to train to mark the
    exact moment the dog does the correct behaviour. Great video hope more
    people use the clicker. :)

  13. Ahmed Morsi
    | Reply


  14. sexycool112
    | Reply

    is it okay once you know your dog knows how to sit etc.. do you have to
    give have a treat on hand every time? will the dog not wanna do it when you
    don’t have a treat? 

  15. karen jackson
    | Reply

    Plz help Zak, i have a 3yr old maltese+shitzu and he goes absoultly crazy
    on a walk, ive tried everything, he knows leave it, watch me and sit really
    well but as soon as we go out the door he wont listen and doesnt even care
    about the treats, toys, or me jumping around. I’ve switched between treats
    and real meat, his favourite toys, me running, jumping, acting exciting but
    he doesnt care. plz help.

  16. Jazmine Burnam
    | Reply

    can you do a video on keep away i have been trying to teach my miniature
    schnauzer fetch and he goes after it fine then he just plays keep away. I
    really need help.

  17. Suruga Kanbaru
    | Reply

    i never was a dog person , i was actually afraid of dogs , but last month
    my boyfriend gave me a labrador puppy for my birthday , and i just fell in
    love with her the instant i saw her , i am so in love with her i can’t even
    look at her without smiling, i know she is too young but she is learning
    fast thanks to your videos , so thank you very much for making my time
    with Maggie even more fun 🙂 , i’ll be looking out for your future videos

  18. nerd12331
    | Reply

    My dog will play tug with a frisbee and she will drop it on command but
    when she gets it she plays keep away. I try not to chase her to get it but
    I’m not sure how to get her to come back with it. Any tips?

  19. Sxrillez
    | Reply


  20. Alexandra Chibisov
    | Reply

    What toys or interesting activities do you recommend for a dog when he is
    at home alone so that the dog doesn’t bark much? Especially for a high
    energy dog like a fox terrier?

  21. peacelovedance!
    | Reply

    My puppy already knows sit and down and we are trying to teach her shake.
    After she sits and i reward her she just lays down since thats what has
    been taught from a previous trick. (Sit-lay down) any tips?

  22. Krasimir Panchev
    | Reply

    hi i have a german spitz and went im walking her people want to stroke her
    but befor ethey even touch her she starts to growl, she even growls at
    home, how do i stop this. thanks

  23. Pridecat89
    | Reply

    Can you use a clicker to help stop aggressive behavior? My dogs only real
    problem is shes Dog aggressive.

  24. VUM
    | Reply

    Can u PLEASE make a video about how to teach a dog to go on a bike ride
    with u! 

  25. Deidre Cross
    | Reply

    Wow! I was actually looking for this exact video last week in your
    archives. So glad you did a video on this. 

  26. devVIvid
    | Reply

    Make mire videos please!!!!

  27. Regioxys
    | Reply

    Hey zak i have a 2 month old bordier collie puppy he is very hyper active
    and likes to play alot since he is small and we live in the second floor of
    a building it takes time to go out so should i teach my dog to potty in a
    bathroom or a peepad or should i continue potty training at a later age
    lets say when he is 3-6 months old. Also when i catch him in the act of
    peeing or pottying should i pick him up and take him to the bathroom and
    praise him? Please reply i am a new subsciber and i want to train my dog.

  28. Joeganaut
    | Reply

    Nice video as always. About to start Puppy Preschool soon :)

  29. haveeair
    | Reply

    Hey Zak, how do I get you to come out to my house and teach my Dog some

  30. James Do
    | Reply

    I have a collie and it just won’t listen to me. He doesn’t even trust me,
    when i give him a treat he doesnt eat it and when i call him he doesnt
    come.Please helppp.

  31. jeez3k
    | Reply

    Could u do a video on how to get from that step, to how to do a trick
    without a lure and clicker?

  32. Brittany Berry
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, I hope you see this. Anyways I have an almost 5 month old Blue
    Heeler puppy and she is such a quick learner and already have taught her
    many tricks. I was hopping maybe you could give a couple tips on helping me
    with her. She is pretty timid and barks, growls, and her hair stands up at
    everyone that comes by, she doesn’t bite and don’t want her to start. She
    will eventually come up to them and lick them and allows them to pet her.
    The breed is known to be generally protective but I don’t think that her
    being timid too is a good combination. I would really appreciate the help,
    I don’t know what else to do! I admire all your videos!!

  33. Jerome Benj
    | Reply


  34. CreeperDefenceUnit
    | Reply

    Cos I think it was an airdale 

  35. Nidal Kobiljar
    | Reply

    are you still with bree

  36. Patrick Gingras
    | Reply

    Hey zak, I have a 1.5 year old boxer, he’s potty trained. I walk him daily
    but every time I leave the house( it doesn’t matter if it 5 min or a hour)
    he poops and pees on the floor , even if i take him out before i leave. How
    do I fix this or what are some pointers to get him on the right track 

  37. Catherine Fenton
    | Reply

    Does PETFLOW sell choke chains because I was thinking of going there but if
    they sell choke chains then I won’t be ordering from there.I will never
    order ANYTHING from a pet store that sells harmful products?!.

  38. Liger Renegade
    | Reply

    Hi Zak, I really enjoy your videos! I have 1.5 year old Finnish Lapphund
    who loves to go everywhere with me. When I take him for a ride in the
    backseat of my car (which is done via the use of a doggie seatbelt that is
    attached to his collar), he soon started to whine uncontrollably. I feel
    like he does this not so much because he is anxious but because he sees
    areas that he’d like to explore and is upset that we are driving past them.
    Is this what you think might be going on here? In addition, I leave my dog
    for up to 6-8 hours a day as I go to work, so I leave him chew toys I.e.
    kongs, however, he is able to chew through them very quickly. Any tips to
    keep him pre-occupied?

  39. Debra Bonilla
    | Reply

    when do you introduce a voice command with the clicker?

  40. Lily Hoang
    | Reply

    Great videos Zak! You are so helpful! We adopted our 9 month old from the
    shelter. Do you have any tips for staying off the furniture? She loves to
    be near us and jumps on the couch to be with us. Thanks!

  41. Brynn McCullough
    | Reply

    These videos are very helpful. Our family just got a new morkie puppy and
    these videos help me train him and cut down on miscommunication. Thanks 🙂 

  42. rhydhampatel
    | Reply

    Hey zack I have really quick question I have pure Siberian husky and I
    really wane train him off leash can you help me please and please like it
    so he can see it !!!!

  43. peacelovedance!
    | Reply

    My family has a 7 month old puppy. A chocolate lab,golden retreiver mix.
    She loves the water (lakes) but she doesnt seem to like the waves of the
    ocean.any tips?

  44. CreeperDefenceUnit
    | Reply

    What dog was it?

  45. Dodo Khalil
    | Reply

    Wow you really know how to train dogs

  46. Paris 26
    | Reply

    Hey i have a 4 year old cocker spainel and when we go on a walk down my st
    he PULLS me and it looks like he is takeing me on a walk and ive tired your
    videos but he doesnt listen to me and im a kid but im tough and can take
    controll of my dog plz help!!!!

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