How to clicker train and touch train a rabbit

This is a short video on the begining stages of clicker training a rabbit and the begining of agility training. Feel free to message me with any questions.

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20 Responses

  1. MyPets1031
    | Reply

    It should but I like to clicker train them by clicking and treating before I ever introduce the touch because then they assosiate the click with a reward so that you can reward them the second they do something right instead of waiting until you can get the treat to them. You could probably start without a clicker but it might just confuse your rabbit. I would suggest trying to find one, they’re usually only about a dollar in the dog section of petco. Feel free to ask any more questions.

  2. hamsterloverforever1
    | Reply

    oh wow cool i dont have a clicker but will it still work with just the touch ball thing?

  3. MyPets1031
    | Reply

    Thank you! Your welcome. 🙂

  4. MyPets1031
    | Reply

    Thank you!

  5. MyPets1031
    | Reply

    After maybe a week and a half maybe longer depending on how it goes, start hand feeding him pieces of the salad and give him little pats when he comes to sniff you. When he’s in his cage, don’t reach in to pet him because that is his space. If possible bring the cage to the confined area and let him come out on his own. If that’s not possible let him sniff you before you pick him up and let him come to you. Good luck, let me know how it goes! Maybe soon you can start training!

  6. MyPets1031
    | Reply

    What I think is that he doesn’t trust you fully yet. You’ll have to wait a while to start trying to train him. I had fobey for a month or two before she would take a treat and Toby was even longer. I would suggest sitting in a smallish confined area with him for half an hour to an hour every day and let him eat his salad while you read a book or go on your laptop or something. If he comes to sniff you, don’t pet him, just let him sniff. Do that for about a week and a half.

  7. mazz21100
    | Reply

    For like 3 weeks maybe

  8. mazz21100
    | Reply

    He never takes anything from me I have to put it in his cage

  9. mazz21100
    | Reply


  10. MyPets1031
    | Reply

    Does he normally take treats from you?

  11. mazz21100
    | Reply

    I tried to train my rabbit but he wouldn’t take the treats or anything just run away. I really want to train him want else could I do ?

  12. CurlyQ Cantwell
    | Reply

    I love your intro!!

  13. GREENnoma98
    | Reply

    its like so usefull THANK YOU

  14. WinterPawsPetCollab
    | Reply

    omg, love it! – Christine

  15. Kathryn Kimbley
    | Reply

    A very good video!! Well done!

  16. hoovesandpawscollab
    | Reply

    Aww cute! Nice work both of you!! X

  17. MyPets1031
    | Reply

    @Rabbit Whisperer 🙂

  18. Rabbit Whisperer
    | Reply

    great tips! x

  19. MyPets1031
    | Reply


  20. guineapigz123
    | Reply


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