how to clean your Hamster

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16 Responses

  1. Ashlee Hayne
    | Reply

    I lovvvveeee hampters there cute I have of my own its a baby and called
    niblles she’s really cute hey I might pu my hamster on YouTube maybe and
    you can see it ya I haven’t created it just yet but ill make it soon thx
    for hamster tips I need how to make a hamster clean I got my on. My
    birthday solo not long ago really thx for hamster tips your channel are
    wicked I meen by cool LOL :)

  2. colson sink
    | Reply

    by the way hamsters can swim naturally in the wild and dont use powder they
    can breath it in and mess up there respiratory system

  3. kala260695
    | Reply

    hamster must have sawdust !!!!!

  4. Nour Aljane
    | Reply

    How often do u clean your hamster

  5. quang vo
    | Reply

    Why do you clean them they self clean

  6. RandomGirl GirlRandom
    | Reply

    PLease do not use bath POWDER or DUST use sand!

  7. dadrules714
    | Reply

    one of our hamsters escaped(had someone feeding them while on Vaca) and
    disappeared for 8 days. I left cage open on floor, and guess who showed up
    filthy? thanks

  8. Kenzie_gymnast7
    | Reply

    im sorry but you arent even an expertttttt

  9. Sabiha Chowdhury
    | Reply

    Thanks a lot : D

  10. Seana Brady
    | Reply

    I agree withRufusJackTheBoxerDog

  11. alexis hancock
    | Reply

    she is an expert so shut up jwamusic123

  12. Erick E
    | Reply

    dam calm down

  13. Cheryl Cala
    | Reply

    your defin not an expert you cant give hammies a bath

  14. RufusJackTheBoxerDog
    | Reply

    Spraying hamsters isnjust as bad as bathing them. They can catch a cold and
    die. Powder isnalso really bad. it can give your hamster an upper
    respiratory infection. i advise you to use sand, becausw it isnt as dusty.

  15. ALXDO1
    | Reply

    Please watch my hamster videos on my channel! You can put in some
    chinchilla sand for cleaning its fur. That´s enought for hamsters cleaning
    and especially dwarfs do like it very much.

  16. nam er
    | Reply

    u are so fucking slow and fucking noob and this is useless

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