How to Choose the Pet Bird That’s Right for You

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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27 Responses

  1. Oscaror S
    | Reply

    you won’t be miserable if you get a pigeon, you can’t be miserable with
    doves and pigeons. They are a joy.´╗┐

  2. ~CuddleMonster~
    | Reply

    thats odd. this video fits with me so well
    I wanted to pick between a budgie, a lovebird and a cockatail. I did and
    not done yet with my research but the best one for me is the budgie and
    I’ve already found the breeder ­čÖé

    1 -I have a lot of time in my hands.
    2- I want to tame and train them.
    3- I can afford it.
    4- I dont travel, not married, no kids.
    5- I have enough space for 2 budgies :3

    I can’t wait! ´╗┐

  3. Oscaror S
    | Reply

    i have a dove, two budgies, and i’m getting a conure tommorrow´╗┐

    | Reply

    I got parakeets when I researched the bird for me is a cockatiel.´╗┐

  5. Cristina Aguasvivas
    | Reply

    this has nothing to do with birds, but the animation reminds me of the jeff
    the killer movie………….´╗┐

  6. RadiumHazard FluffyDog
    | Reply

    2:12 EWWWW THAT’S THE JUST- Never pause there´╗┐

  7. Emma Heinerweitz
    | Reply

    I have three chickens´╗┐

  8. VxiceheartxV
    | Reply

    Vast majority of people would do best with a pigeon or dove. ´╗┐

  9. orangeroosterblue
    | Reply

    Emma I DONT CARE stupid´╗┐

  10. orangeroosterblue
    | Reply

    budget for budgie lol´╗┐

  11. TheRebbelProds
    | Reply

    I have a canary and howcast can’t make good animations!´╗┐

  12. WiiUser64
    | Reply


  13. budgiebird awesomeness
    | Reply

    lol an owl in her pocket?

  14. John Farque
    | Reply

    I’ll buy that!

  15. Cuming For You
    | Reply

    @powerup3005 oh

  16. TheFrostyDreams
    | Reply

    Lol 3D fail xD

  17. Hopesasha
    | Reply

    This is one of the most disgusting videos I’ve ever watched.

  18. magzzmango .
    | Reply

    thats pretty good i can get as mant as i wan for free ­čÖé i have mates that
    fly piegons ­čÖé

  19. Tatum Bork
    | Reply

    Is it me or the guy in the red shirt looks like a women

  20. Scotchbaby
    | Reply

    iv got a budgie…he keep landing on my head

  21. MMD
    | Reply

    Sorry, one more thing, what do you mean by first 3 months? Like as soon as
    she’s out of the nest but before she can fly, or being had fed?

  22. littlepianist89
    | Reply

    You can choose canaries or finches. Canaries or Gouldian finches can live
    alone in a cage. Zebra finches need to be at least 2 in the same cage. Or,
    if you like budgies, have more than one! They need company and if the owner
    is not available they will still socialize with their friend! If you can
    afford a bigger cage and you have enough space, have 2 or more birds
    together (the same species). It’s much better for them.

  23. Brieana Hill
    | Reply

    i have a ruby macaw

  24. b1njjj95
    | Reply

    Those 3D models are something else. Haha but aside from the animation, very
    useful information. I’ve always wanted a cockatiel, they are so cute. Back
    when I used to volunteer at the pet store, I met this friendly and adorable
    cockatiel. He was soo sweet!

  25. MMD
    | Reply

    Your comment might be a bit old, but, maybe you’ll respond. You suggested a
    female pigeon, so, does that mean the pigeon can be allowed to fly outside
    freely? And will she come back if so? Also, if she was allowed to fly
    freely outside, and keeps coming back, what would happen if she mated?
    Would she nest in your home, or just nest away? Would she mate to begin

  26. Charientisma
    | Reply


  27. tangerine32
    | Reply

    OH MY GOD that animated guy is the CREEPIEST THING EVER. I’m not kidding.
    That is the creepiest thing ever. Poor bird.

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