How To Catch, Halter And Tie A Horse

Learn how to train your horse at: In this short video clip, reining and cutting horse trainer, Larry Tro…

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15 Responses

  1. Hockeyfreak38MD
    | Reply

    My horse hates the bridle how do I get it on him?

  2. Kate Wagner
    | Reply

    I heard one time from a friend that you can spread a little apple sauce on
    it and it’ll take it better. Not sure if it works or not…sounds like it
    would…I hope this helped.

  3. Nathan Roberts
    | Reply

    This is great information.

  4. thesnoopdgg15
    | Reply

    thatnx i guess thats why he wasnt letting me get his halter on him because
    i was trying to put his halter on him while i was standing in front of him
    rather than from the side because he lets me hug him around the neck so
    that should be no problem

  5. katie school
    | Reply

    im on here messing a round youtube and i stumbled a this if your horse
    starts pulling back make sure have a rope halter on

  6. Dojocho
    | Reply

    amazing great teacher…..

  7. Stephanie Zinn
    | Reply

    This guy is one of the best trainers I have ever heard. He is so clear and
    direct and informative…love it!

  8. jackkirkland
    | Reply

    @ltrocha ok, i get how to tie a bowline knot, but how did you do that cool
    thing at the end where the extra rope wasnt hanging?

  9. sheridwtx
    | Reply

    I’m going to make sure all of my horse handlers (old and new) watch this,
    especially the correct way to put on a halter. I’m always amazed at the
    ways people try to do it! Thank you so much!

  10. Starr Craft
    | Reply

    thumbs up! Thanks. Speaking of tying a horse, I was at a breed show several
    yrs back, and saw a horse tied up to a lawn chair. Hopefully, they have
    learned a thing or two since then, and don’t have a huge law suit.

  11. ltrocha
    | Reply

    @starrecraft I know what you mean. Scary stuff.

  12. tia1922
    | Reply


  13. ltrocha
    | Reply

    @tia1922, you are very welcome. Glad this video helped. Visit my channel
    for more videos. Larry T.

  14. tia1922
    | Reply

    nice vido thank you i can easily catch y horse now.THANKS

  15. Sienna Bromley
    | Reply

    im going to get a horse in a couple years, can u use a tiedown as a

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