How to Care for Ferrets : Bringing Home Your Pet Ferret

Watch an expert explain how to prepare to bring home your pet ferret in this free online video. Expert: azsli Contact: Bio: Fran Freedma…

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25 Responses

  1. Justin Vasquez
    | Reply

    Get a job.

  2. Bluejay77600
    | Reply

    Omg I almost choked when she said $200 for the cage!!

  3. kellababbie
    | Reply

    my ferrets costed 150.. i feed her ffarms food. the cage was around 200$.
    they aren’t supposed to be kept locked up all the time. but there cage
    needs to be to where if your not home, than they have someone to do…

  4. NickXFilms
    | Reply

    pasta can be dangerous. Pasta can break into shards that can stab they’re

  5. KikimonoPWNS
    | Reply

    “.make a mistake outside of the litter box..” XD Wow, that made my day.
    This woman seems to want you to spends lots of money. Can’t you let your
    ferret run around your house, have a litter box for it, and a little bed

  6. Ferretlover5711
    | Reply

    dude, that is too much for one ferret OMG

  7. bcbeaupied
    | Reply

    I have two ferrets and they have a large three story cage but most of the
    time they are free to run around the porch with my cats, and they use the
    same litter box as my cats too.

  8. krumpll
    | Reply

    i make hammocks out of pillowcases

  9. drcloak
    | Reply

    Speaking of proper spelling, it is ‘grammar’ not ‘grammer’

  10. mjohnnidis
    | Reply

    @Brandi5769 not true. if a ferret is tired, he will sleep, but theres a
    difference between locking ur ferret up, FORCING it to sleep all day which
    is where this misconception originated from. If a ferret is deathly tired,
    he will let you know. There is no risk to the ferrets health by not
    sleeping ALL day. If you keep a cat in a cage all day guess what, they
    sleep too.

  11. mjohnnidis
    | Reply

    @19GoDNeSS91 its Ferret Nation Habitat Model 142

  12. Amy199able
    | Reply

    @wrath0f How can that be all up to $500?? Wow.. Ming money I might have to
    spend every month is maybe food.. Pelits, Treats and sometime new toys and
    hammocks.. So ming is about $100..

  13. 3g00fy4
    | Reply

    they sell dogs for 100 dollars dumb fhkh who would wnt to buy it from u?

  14. 6023Nath
    | Reply

    @danielanimales1 no. They both stink. Don’t get ferret if you think they
    smell. Mine stayed free run of the house and slept in my bed, i didn’t
    notice a bad smell, but my family did. I just smell “ferret”. While others
    smell “Damn Ferret”

  15. RockStarcutie3
    | Reply

    we make hammock’s out of old shirts!

  16. Sam Giraffes
    | Reply

    I have found cages at the price of $109.99. I suggest to redo this video
    because these outrageous prices would scare a a customer that wants to buy
    a ferret to runaway.

  17. Richard M
    | Reply

    i wuld buil a cage… scrapbars from bird cages, wood frame, buy doggie
    bowls, sew the hammoks, and buy some cat toys… save a few hundred bucks
    that way 🙂

  18. 19GoDNeSS91
    | Reply

    Where to buy this kind of cage? 😮

  19. Rodrigo Hernandez
    | Reply

    no body cares.

  20. Henrika16
    | Reply

    I made most of my hammocks myself. The sleepy sack and hammock and blanket
    I recently made cost about 15$ for fabric, stuffing, and clips, and about 2
    hours to sew.

  21. TeenNewsLive
    | Reply

    why do I just feel its easier to handmake all of this then spend so much
    money on it. lol

  22. Feverish Cone
    | Reply

    I got my cage 86$ on

  23. Evan7801
    | Reply

    hey buddy what colour is he/she and if i was allowed i would buy it and
    ferrets range 2 $75 2 a $100 so ya

  24. St0pTheNoise
    | Reply

    If you’re just getting one ferret you don’t need a cage this size. I had
    two ferrets and that exact cage, and honestly it’s not worth the hassle for
    ONE ferret. Multiples this is a good cage for, though. I like the face the
    doors open fully (think of it like a french door fridge) and it has a
    bottom tray that comes out so you can easily clean everything. But yeah…
    if you’re getting one ferret a cage this size is pointless. Nice cage, but
    not worth it for just one.

  25. XxNINJIZxX
    | Reply

    well a cage for one ferret is min. of $60 a cage for 2 ferrets is about
    120-150$. I just bought my ferret so the prices are fresh in
    my mind

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