How to Care for a Ferret

Watch more How to Care for Small Pets videos: Taking care of a ferret is a big commitment. Thes…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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19 Responses

  1. Hopesasha
    | Reply

    You need A LOT more than that stuff to properly care for a ferret

  2. yyoveltube
    | Reply

    i went to this pet store i really liked and there was a ferret i really
    liked and i was like where is he? and they said they sold him:(

  3. Fudgie1400
    | Reply

    Ab has to watch this

  4. animalloverfish11
    | Reply

    Um there are so many things wrong with this it almost should be called how
    not to care for a ferret don’t have a ferret drink out of a water bottle
    that’s not a food way to get water

  5. zxcvbnmjfjf .
    | Reply

    ferrets look like small weiner dogs

  6. missfitt820
    | Reply

    and a female that is fixed is called a Sprite

  7. Cuming For You
    | Reply

    gay kid, gay voice, and jills are UNSPAYED female ferrrets, and hobs are
    UNNUTERED (I know I spelled that wrong) male ferrets. THIS SUCKED

  8. Brian Cole
    | Reply

    “Never Leave a ferret unattended in a car” Reason being he will steal it
    and then crash it. Bastards 🙁

  9. spartanlax94
    | Reply

    i dont need a ferret?

  10. ava wolf
    | Reply

    i have a pet ferret name coco

  11. Darcy Martin
    | Reply

    how do you care for a ferret when its says you dont need one!?!?

  12. Jaclyn Vicary
    | Reply

    Well, this was about as useful as my wife :/

  13. Erika Coronel
    | Reply

    subscribe to keko the ferret on youtube

  14. ashleyismyname4525
    | Reply

    all though farrets are adorrable it is super hard to take care of them

  15. korynnininm
    | Reply

    look at a channel for ferrets only not a chanel that also tells you haw to
    eat a starfish

  16. BaraLemur
    | Reply

    It’s funny cus in sweden your not even aloved to keep an’ ferret in a
    crate. Geez, think that we got a bit better pet care over here.

  17. jaffet rodriguez
    | Reply

    that didnt give me any imformation

  18. Katantunoro
    | Reply


  19. xBchify
    | Reply

    can you make a video: How to care for a ferret

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