How to Care For a Ferret : Traveling With Your Pet Ferret

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to travel with a pet ferret in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: www.extracareanimal…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. NightBladeV1 says:

    Me too

  2. Emily Rowford says:

    you bring a litter box. I am actually typing this with a hotdog in my mouth XD

  3. kittylover7dogs says:

    me too

  4. Jordan Merkel says:

    Thumbs up

  5. clifford12ful says:

    Thumbs up

  6. thumbs up if your watching ferret videos cuz your getting one

  7. kayleesilly7 says:

    LOL me too my parents beleve i can take care but i wanna see if they would be a good pet for me :)))

  8. ilovedamusic1000 says:

    Wat if we need to take him on vacation with us to Mexico??????

  9. kantoothechameleon says:

    omg! shes just whipping him around!

  10. ilovedamusic1000 says:

    do they like run away if they like escape?

  11. NightwishGymnast15 says:

    lol 0:15 obviously, that ferrets looks like he feels REALLY safe

  12. bushdidit2u911 says:

    you will be fine! i didnt know much when we got our first one but found out quickly about desexing females within a year ! if anything you must have deep pockets if you want a few! we have 3 and so far have spent about 1500 australian dollars kitting them out with cages,bedding and desexing bills! now the two girls are desexed we just need to desex our boy in a few months and we are pretty much done! also is good to vaccinate them

  13. Ashleigh Gresham says:

    me too bashproductions123

  14. NickieisaMagicBunny says:

    I need a ferret!

    I really want one..

    im trying to learn ALL I CAN about them to prove im responsible enough :)

  15. They’ll generally use the cage. Keep disinfectant whipes on hand to dispose and clean the mess.

  16. Reading about them and actually having them are 2 different stories. They’re awesome pets but they require alot more attention than a cat that just roams around the house. You have to let them out 4+ hours a day and make sure they’re active. They’ve got alot of things to look out for (illness wise) that alot of people over look. All things aside, they are amazing pets.

  17. Tammy Connors says:

    thts good they will make more ferriets isnt tht good

  18. are they leagal in Alberta, CA?

  19. LittleMissBlackart says:

    keep them in a pet carrier and line it with newspaper, ferrets are usually very clean animals and will go at the back of the carrier and in a corner. hope this helps =)

  20. then i think it’s
    shedding because it doesnt have
    patches of skin

  21. XxXEishieXxX says:

    They shed but if it is a lot of hair and there are patches of skin able to be seen I’d take it to the vet

  22. is it normal when a ferret loses hair?

  23. XxXEishieXxX says:

    HAHAHA at first I thought she meant like a plastic back and in my head I was all “who would put a ferret in a bag” then i realized a cloth bag XD

  24. Ferrets are illegal in some places only because if they escape into the wild and begin breeding, they will do VERY well in the wild and will mess up the ecosystem.

  25. they ARE harmless….T^T i dont get either y some places theyre illegal

  26. megan brown says:

    why are they illegal … they seem harmless

  27. GypsyLatrell says:

    why does she always open with the same thing and always give her website address.. its already in the video intro, sheesh

  28. actually if you know enough about their diet they wont need 4 surgeries.

  29. yes it is expensive u have 2 have about a 1000 or 2 dollars let alone 4 surgeries and u have 2 by shampoos food toys and it is very diffucult cause u have 2 be aware at all times where your ferret is but it is very fun having 1 but i dont have 1……yet

  30. u can do that but u have 2 train it first 2 sit on ur shoulder

  31. he dont like sara! haha

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