How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Health Care: Spay, Neuter, Dental

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I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to have a pet ferret spayed or neutered, as well as how to provide it dental care in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle is a resident exotic animal health technician specializing in dog health care. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

What do you think?

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20 Responses

  1. Mrria
    | Reply


  2. SwineFilms
    | Reply

    its when they remove the glands under thier tail. The glands secreat a smell kinda like a skunk does.(Ferrets and skunks are in the same animal catagory)

  3. KeyWarior
    | Reply

    Guys….. Wikipedia rules…..

  4. crazymonkey408
    | Reply

    were can you buy a ferret

  5. roryloveferrets
    | Reply

    ok so if there from a private breader (where im getting mine) (dads mate ) will they usally be sprayed and neuterd? or will i have to pay for it done and how much does it cost

  6. MacSarah125
    | Reply

    does anyone know where any breeders are in canada?

  7. junz00
    | Reply

    i got a couple questions for the experts, are ferrets intelligent ? are they social pets? are they high maintenance

    | Reply

    help me… I want to buy an albino ferret but I’m in Malaysia.. How can I find one??

  9. 3g00fy4
    | Reply

    do u use toothpaste to brush their teeth?

  10. lilpinkyluv
    | Reply

    If you look behind the ear they should have 2 or 3 dots tattooed on them that means that they are spayed or neutered and decented.

  11. GraceUnderPressure1
    | Reply

    junz00, they are VERY intelligent, could be up there with a Lab or Collie in how clever they are, they will always be one step ahead of you, trust me! They are very sociable, getting more than one ferret is prefered and they will always love to play with their human, and high maintenance? Well that depends on you, whether you make them that or not. Generally, they are if you don’t know what to expect, so I would do tons of research before owning one.

  12. GraceUnderPressure1
    | Reply

    I would recommend NO ONE descents their ferret!!! They do NOT need descenting! Its taking something away from them that they will need to use once in while!

    I don’t understand why on earth someone would want to descent them, it doesn’t smell that bad at all, the smell goes within a few seconds, they really do not need it done!

    But neutering and cleaning their teeth is a must!!! Also cleaning of their ears is important too!

  13. TheFrogfan360d
    | Reply

    im getting a ferret for my b day and i need to learn how to care for these lil niggas so i always go on expert village!

  14. cornycorn5
    | Reply

    LOL when you said lil niggas that made me laugh

  15. Froastwolf
    | Reply

    neutering? why? so it wont have any cubs or is there something else?

  16. NaomiIsSoAwesome98
    | Reply

    lol me2

  17. aaronbra1993
    | Reply

    Males are possibly more agressive if they are not neutered.

  18. sharkloaner
    | Reply

    Did u get your niggas?

  19. CatieKitties
    | Reply

    wtf? she is at PETLAND how “smart” can she be?

  20. minivor
    | Reply

    this gives u like 2 sentences about information

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