How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Handling & Cleaning

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to handle and clean a pet ferret in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: Bio: Sarah Tingle…

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30 Responses

  1. Karla Lerma
    | Reply

    how can she hold it like that i mean for some animals its fine but like it
    must hurt them 

  2. Brioni Hannah Barrass
    | Reply

    Is she serious you don’t do that when an animal is scuffed you should still
    support the animals weight not let it dangle yeah, that is just a one way
    street to braking the animals back!!! stupid women!

  3. Elisabeth Skellington
    | Reply

    +billyarseface Ferrets are NOT rodents, rodents eat vegetables and fruit
    while ferrets are carnivores, they are part of the mustelid family among
    weasels and otters. 

  4. Frewozi
    | Reply

    You talk so much and yet you say nothing. Please find a video about
    ferrets, or in fact, ANY animal mother and her babies and watch as I prove
    your stupidity. People like you make me laugh because I bet you don’t even
    own a ferret. God? Gay rights? What? Weren’t we talking about FERRETS? Stop
    being a fuckface and don’t reply to this comment. I feel embarrassed for

  5. billyarseface
    | Reply

    Thats not true. A ferret is a rodent, you idiot.

  6. littledarling313
    | Reply

    a person can write comments about stuff without using foul language
    icydeath7. it is really sad when you can’t use enough of the English
    language minus the swearing! there are kids that use this page too, so show
    some respect for others on here, use that language elsewhere.

  7. HerMajestyTheLlama
    | Reply

    @Aussietactical Yup. Cats are a great example for that. I totally agree
    with your last comment. Scruffing causes no pain to the animal, just kinda
    immobilizes them.

  8. NycRiiTz
    | Reply

    As soon as I saw that holding technique I used it on my ferret then sure
    enough he yawned!! <3

  9. DaCamponTwee
    | Reply

    DONT buy a ferret from these type of retailers! Go to a ferret hospital /
    adoption building. They do research on you and decide whether or not you
    should own 1 and ferrets are not a pet for kids!

  10. arainbowify
    | Reply

    I own a ferret an scruffing does not hurt her because she would whimper the
    only time she fights it is when she’s hyper and that’s because she doesn’t
    want to hold still.

  11. Nicole nonya
    | Reply

    @OpenEnchances People from expert village are a bunch of retards.

  12. gavin pritchard
    | Reply

    @PinpuleCp i second that lol

  13. Charity Bronson
    | Reply

    IT’S SO FLOPPY!!! my mom says i have to wait until i move out to get a
    ferret because they smell worse then any other small pet, is this true?

  14. youlikemydog
    | Reply

    fken captions i hate ur vid

  15. xxNerdyCookiexx1
    | Reply

    @joasiam1987 shut the fuck up

  16. MCMRats
    | Reply

    @apriljerry09 Sadly it is illegal to buy or sell them in cali. You’ll have
    to go to a neighboring state if you want to buy them…unless you can find
    someone selling them near you. Just be careful, ad it can land you a pretty
    nasty fine if you’re caught buying or selling them.

  17. Aussietactical
    | Reply

    @HerMajestyTheLlama to right! most animals have the extra bit of skin on
    their necks to be scruffed by their parents. And besides, when a ferret
    latches on, it takes alot for them to let go, 2 minutes of scruffing can
    save 20 minutes of pain.

  18. willsburd
    | Reply

    listen a lot of animals do that ive even reasearched them and it appears
    that a lot of animals do that and im not insane

  19. Joshua How
    | Reply

    @Pumacat101 the vets you spoke to where obviously trained in a hut in
    africa because there is no way on earth you can rip fur out by scruffing.
    its physically impossible. ask someone with a degree next time. By the way,
    before you start insulting me, I have more degrees than you have fingers.
    Veterinary Medicine & Surgery, Veterinary Biosciences, Zoology, Marine and
    Fresh water biology, Mathematical Sciences and I am also an animal
    behaviouralist. Take your uneducated ass to video jug. asshole

  20. Trisha Satnarine
    | Reply

    when scruffing is done properly it won’t hurt the ferret, it’ll just make
    it yawn most of the time and relax, if the ferret yelps in pain then you’re
    doing it wrong, it’s a procedure to handle and control the ferret safely
    and effectively, i hope that i’ve brought some sense into some of the
    dumbasses out there

  21. Dragon Fly
    | Reply

    To inform you, scruffing is not only a wild behavior. it is a natural
    behavior and almost all mother animals use it to carry their babies and
    also correct bad behavior in their children. Scruffing is not harmful to
    the animal if done right.

  22. billyarseface
    | Reply

    What is a troll? You listen to me you horrible piece of horse shit. How
    dare you come on here trash talk about animals and gays and God. Do me a
    favor and pull down your pants, shit in your hands and rub that shit into
    your face. That is what you should do. No to gay marriage. Fuck yea!! Keep
    America wholesome you motherfucker.

  23. Pring Bean
    | Reply

    that’s what i did lol

  24. sexicapicorn
    | Reply

    @hansberrylovesyoux3 If that’s true then I’m with you with the boycott.

  25. Joshua How
    | Reply

    @NightwishGymnast15 If they dont seem to respond right away, dont let them
    go. eventually they will realise that they cant get away and stop trying.

  26. MsILovelily
    | Reply

    @JaceBlade yea there not hurt 0.0 i uset to pick up my kitten like tht

  27. saturn226
    | Reply

    @Morbid666999 If you have ever owned a ferret then you would realize that
    this is what most everyone does. It is not animal abuse it is just part of
    the typical ferret care. They go limp and yawn and when you let go they act
    just as crazy as they always act. Take it to a vet and they will do the
    same thing while treating it

  28. emily williams
    | Reply

    you’re so ignorant. do you even own ferrets?and did you even watch the
    video? she TELLS YOU in the video to support the bum. its not hurting them.
    ever watch ferrets mate? NOW THAT LOOKS PAINFUL.

  29. Nicole nonya
    | Reply

    I don’t care what anyone says, I will never hold my ferrets like this. It
    looks very uncomfortable and hurtful >_>

  30. Toby Narwhal
    | Reply

    It would be easier to understand if it was a hot lady in bikini that was
    talking then that shit head

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