How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret General Care

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to provide general health care for a pet ferret in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact:…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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46 Responses

  1. whycantipost
    | Reply

    What a shitty´╗┐ setup for those baby ferrets ­čÖü

  2. TrueMULover532
    | Reply

    My ferret is just like those ones´╗┐ there so funny

  3. Josh Rodriguez
    | Reply

    They keep them in cage until time to close´╗┐ then they plsy

  4. CrazyCavies
    | Reply

    I hate pet stores because they say they you should take them out´╗┐ And play with them when the pet stores keep them in the cage all day

  5. Aliyah Cameron
    | Reply

    U have a fox awesome´╗┐

  6. denzel avery
    | Reply

    Find it and spend a lot of time with it and´╗┐ train it

  7. Claudia Mendoza
    | Reply

    @WolvesRock117 u have a pet fox? where the heck do you´╗┐ adopt one of those?

  8. MamaTasha09
    | Reply

    They sell puppy mill pups for outragous prices! Not´╗┐ to mention they treat them like shit. Thats inhumane. Every petland ive been to is disgusting and gross.

  9. Andres Munevar
    | Reply

    Yes, i’ve purchased all my´╗┐ pets from petland and thier great and very healthy!

  10. MamaTasha09
    | Reply

    not´╗┐ really

  11. Andres Munevar
    | Reply


  12. MamaTasha09
    | Reply

    P.s. petland is disgusting. Their animals are from mills and they dont clean or´╗┐ feed them. Dirty people!

  13. MamaTasha09
    | Reply

    Just an fyi….ferrets do not need´╗┐ heartworm prevenitive.

  14. snakehunterwes1
    | Reply
  15. jimblast95
    | Reply

    thumbs up if you kept staring at the ferrets playing´╗┐ behind her.

  16. MissAmyAnne1998
    | Reply

    Did she day 68 years?´╗┐ hahaha

  17. supergiuneatimelord
    | Reply

    Ha,´╗┐ did any one else see one ferret tried to bite her hand

  18. whiskandbowl
    | Reply


  19. Ryan Piscitello
    | Reply

    Ya do they need to be vaccinated´╗┐ and brought to bet yearly?

  20. KandDproductions866
    | Reply

    That HARDLY gave us ANY to Little info´╗┐ thanks alot:(

  21. MyKiller455
    | Reply

    i got a question what about someone in your house is´╗┐ alergic to ferrets

  22. Lexi Petrides
    | Reply

    Ferrets are illegal in´╗┐ California…So your breaking the law. I know this because I used to live in California.

  23. lizzi hoang
    | Reply

    I always´╗┐ thought ferrets bite and hate people o_o… Don’t they bite though??

  24. EskimoPagan
    | Reply

    0:30 to 0:56´╗┐ – best example of how ferrets can act like kittens.d:

  25. Ashley Deleon
    | Reply

    I had one but it passed on´╗┐ in May 6,2011 I cried so hard when it passed

  26. TheChelseaMcConnell
    | Reply

    00:31 and they like´╗┐ fingers ­čśÇ

  27. Angelica Lopez
    | Reply

    What sucks is that i live in Brownsville Texas and i cant get any ferrets i´╗┐ have to go to Harlingen just to get one ferret!!I WANT A FERREEEETTT!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. KuddlyKisses
    | Reply

    Aw, I just wanted to´╗┐ cuddle that ferret that kept jumping up the glass ^_^

  29. skullsaredead43
    | Reply

    Wtf that means´╗┐ I have 2 dog and 3 cittians almost lol

  30. Poppy Malfoy
    | Reply


  31. starskeexx0
    | Reply

    Do they really need to be vacinated for rabies and heart´╗┐ worm?

  32. SqueedooLaDuh
    | Reply

    0:53 he’s trying´╗┐ to eat her hand!!

  33. rayray0212
    | Reply

    I am getting a ferret when i move so this´╗┐ is really helpful ­čśŤ

  34. d reillyzmusic
    | Reply


  35. nathan pendergrass
    | Reply

    wooow first video she said 8 to 10 years and now she says 6 to´╗┐ 8!!!! get cho facts straight woman

  36. anna sophia Espinoza
    | Reply

    LOLOL so cute, the ferret in the background jumping up and down.

    it looks exactly like´╗┐ my ferret. <3

  37. TheKaraider
    | Reply

    0:30 -´╗┐ 0:35 ^_^

  38. NeedleLuver
    | Reply


  39. Damn SourShark
    | Reply

    i fucking hate pet land. their is one near Pensacola and their ferret cage had no water, the ferrets ears were all´╗┐ bleeding, one of them was vicious to everyone.

  40. 0rni0nd0
    | Reply

    Since when can you compare a cat to´╗┐ a dog? You can leave a cat and it will enjoy itself, but you cant leave a dog alone for more than 1 hour >.>

  41. xPantherClanx
    | Reply

    Ferrets need AT LEAST 3-4 hours of interaction. plus´╗┐ your house needs to be ferret-proofed. If you are out for most of the day I wouldn’t recommend getting one.

  42. xPantherClanx
    | Reply

    True, but they are in a large´╗┐ tank with a sturdy ventilated top.

  43. xPantherClanx
    | Reply

    I personally wouldn’t recommended them. They shed bad during spring/summer to´╗┐ get rid of their winter coat…

  44. xPantherClanx
    | Reply

    thaey can live to be 10, but that would be extremely lucky. 8 years is typical´╗┐

  45. Ally torres
    | Reply

    hi i want to know if ferrets´╗┐ are good or fine for kids whith asma?

  46. mostdopeKID11
    | Reply

    lol i love how when she´╗┐ says that they are playing the one in the box is freakin out

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