How to Care For a Ferret : Pet Ferret Exercise: Preparing Your Home

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to prepare your home for safe pet ferret exercise in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contac…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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34 Responses

  1. Melissa Velmor
    | Reply

    hahahahahahahahahaha! lol what do you expect its a rabbit!

  2. Melissa Velmor
    | Reply

    if your fukin called expert village then act like experts and tell us more!!!

  3. SamJB1997
    | Reply

    Anyone else notice the parrot like squawk at the start?

  4. Theresa Quinn
    | Reply

    Over here in ireland you dont pay much for ferrets. Up to 10 pounds. We use them for ferreting and as pets. I love my 2 jills and my 3 hobs .. 😀

  5. cepson
    | Reply

     Now that’s the life.

  6. SmokinMo11
    | Reply

    Hi sweety..I totally agree w/ur uncle & I read that a ferret is 1 of the only animals on this earth that is capable of killing a bear also.They run up it’s back to it’s neck & rip out the jugular vain…But,today’s ferrets have been domesticated,like dogs & cats.Just depends on how/ what the animal is breeded 4.A domesticated ferret might try to play w/a snake & that could turn out pretty badly 4 our little playful furry friends.n the old days ferrets were used 4 rodent control.

  7. wakenbake005
    | Reply

    when i bought my last ferret 3 years ago at petco they wouldn’t sell these gothic kids/ devil worshipers a ferret cause a worker over heard them talking about feed it to a snake….. but i my uncle told me a ferret could kill some snakes for food he used to have 8 ft snakes and big ass spiders in his glass table

  8. SmokinMo11
    | Reply

    usually when someone is looking 4 a free ferret..chances r they want to feed it to their pet SNAKE! Do not give your ferrets away 4 free. charge at least 100.00 bucks 4 ur one will pay that amount to feed a snake if they have any sense.What kind of freak would feed a sweet ferret 2 something that evil.if they do..hopefully one day it will get big enough to EAT THEM!!!!!!

  9. Renata Piech
    | Reply

    MMMMM wy do so many videos about ferrets than do one or two videos and put all that stuff u had bin talking about ferrets and put it in the vids THAN U WILL ONLY HAVE ONE OR TWO GOODS ASWOME VIDS not every vid is like 1 or 2MIN LONG

  10. minivor
    | Reply

    were canu buy a ferret in california pm me also how much

  11. livebyfaith777able
    | Reply

    hey im looking for a free ferret if have any info msg me on you tube

  12. livebyfaith777able
    | Reply

    do any one know where i can get a free ferret from i live in tacoma WA send me a msg

  13. Brennan Rehlau
    | Reply

    WTF i thought she would say HOW to ferret proof it not just tell me what the fuck it is!?

  14. MelanieToxicBrutal
    | Reply

    i hate expertvillae, i jst got boredd and starting making fun of it lol

  15. Betttys
    | Reply

    its the same at start everytime because they use the same clip. how annoying for her if she has to say it every single time!

  16. haitiankid09
    | Reply

    I NOE RIGHT no ofence but usaid that already

  17. drunkenringsk
    | Reply

    i just love how a good portion of these videos tell you nothing.

  18. ConorBattenbough
    | Reply

    yer they just film it once and put in the front of each video

  19. verlibekt
    | Reply

    actually, ferrets like to chew on ANYTHING that they can get in their mouth.

  20. GreenyGreenGirl
    | Reply


  21. Jessihcah55
    | Reply

    ferrets do not chew wires
    they like to chew on socks, boxes, ect

    i dont think expert village knows too much

  22. dellpav
    | Reply

    thanks i live in one of those homes

  23. weirz0
    | Reply

    Exactly like justinge999 says don’t let them near those so-called “dangerous” areas. Why would you leave the ferret unattended in the first place?

  24. justinge999
    | Reply

    Look up ferret proofing a house on google. Only ferret proofn the rooms they are in the most and have a box to put unused wires like phone chargers and stuff.

  25. justinge999
    | Reply

    NO! Ferret proof your house!

  26. justinge999
    | Reply

    Don’t let them around them. That would probably solve the problem, don’t you think?

  27. nerdsofafeather
    | Reply

    Eep! Im getting an Albino Kit ^^ in about 3 weeks, she isnt ready to take home yet ;]

  28. Angela Isaacs
    | Reply

    My ferrets don’t chew. We have 5.

  29. John Spink
    | Reply

    i have a rabbit and all it does is eat sleep and poop

  30. ferrets121
    | Reply

    well it depends. ferrets are alot of work and if you are willing to take the time to care for and play with a ferret then think about adopting one. if you dont have the time needed for a ferret ,then i would recommend you get a rabbit where they are much eaiser to take care of.

  31. IWantLandingSnow
    | Reply

    Well, Me and the family decided we have alot of time on our hands and we are getting 2 Ferrets after summer ^^

  32. HeavenlyChrmed
    | Reply

    i would say rabbit, ferrets are alot of work

  33. IWantLandingSnow
    | Reply

    Im pondering what pet is right for me 🙂
    Its either a Rabbit or a Ferret.

    Thanks Expert Village for info ! 😀

  34. roryloveferrets
    | Reply

    Hey im also doing my reserch im 12:) and my dad is gna buy my 2 and i usally just serch on sites i just type on google e.g. ferret food or ferret cage or ferret names like male hob female jill and babys kits if u need anymore info for ur friend ill happy to help u out:) gd look

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