How to Care For a Ferret : Correcting Pet Ferret Biting

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to train your ferret to bite gently in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: www.extraca…

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41 Responses

  1. KursedMoo
    | Reply

    You know what works? Sour/Bitter Apple. It comes as a spray and it tastes really nasty. It’s to stop pets from chewing furniture, but when you spray it on your hands, the ferrets don’t like the taste.

  2. Scott Funk
    | Reply

    DO NOT TAP A FERRET ON THE NOSE! Anyone interested in learning about or getting a ferret, please join the “Ferret Owners” group in Facebook. We have over 1,500 extremely knowledgable and experienced people who can help educate you on the BEST ways to care for a fuzzy. I’ve owned ferrets for over 25 years and I’m still learning because of the group. Ferrets are great creatures but are NOT like cats and dogs… there is specific things you need to know in order to take care of them properly.

  3. anjalasagna65
    | Reply

    She Doesn’t show how to correct them though

  4. teddyjeli111
    | Reply


  5. teddyjeli111
    | Reply


  6. itsreptar42
    | Reply

    Not gona say your way is wrong, cause it probablly works, but i would never tell soemone to try and “stun” their ferret. Can create major trust issues and actually amplify the problem. What your actually supposed to do is scruff them, make a semi loud hissing nois, say no, and drag them a few inches by the scruff. Lets them know in a non agressive way that you REALLY dont approve of biting behavior. You need to doall three of those things though, just scrufing them wont do anything. thanks!

  7. AquaBubblez13
    | Reply

    If your ferret won’t let go of stuff, get your fingers (only if your ferret is nice and doesn’t bite you) and hold their teeth sideways and gently squeeze and the mouth will open. If your ferret will bite you if you try it, tempt it with a treat or food. Don’t get your ferret too used to that cause it might purpously do that for treats! :o) ~Aquabubblez13 Sierra

  8. AdeleMaley
    | Reply

    If you have any problems with your ferrets then please do get in touch with me! Me and my friend have a channel called FerretStars, however we’ve just started a new one called PetsStars. We are uploading new videos about how to care for your ferrets and how to train your ferrets on our channel soon. So do have a mosey about if your having trouble :J.

  9. AdeleMaley
    | Reply

    Obviously if you hit them then you would. But its like with a dog, If they are biting then you tap them on the nose. You don’t have to, this is just my methods. My ferrets haven’t bitten since they were kits, and one of them is fed on raw meat.
    As I say, If you do it correctly you don’t hurt them. But they learn that if they bite they get a tap on the nose, so they stop. You don’t have to use this method, but the breeder we got my ferrets from has used that method and none of her ferrets bite.

  10. whiskandbowl
    | Reply

    Never ever hit or even tap them on the nose!! Their nose is the most sensitive part of their body.
    Most ferret owners advocate the scruff method. Grasp the ferret by the scruff of the neck, hiss, then release. This is what the mother ferrets would do.

  11. Chase Hughes
    | Reply


  12. halifaxx55
    | Reply

    you’re right, I was too stupied to learn notting.

  13. TheGirlBro
    | Reply

    your just to stupied thats why you learned notting

  14. uwonamos
    | Reply

    you rock

  15. AmphibianTeam
    | Reply

    thanks for all the detailed stuff u just told considering im getting a ferret in less than 3 weeks!

  16. halifaxx55
    | Reply

    What the hell did this goofy bitch teach me

  17. Stikes72
    | Reply

    Wow didn’t even tell people how to do it

  18. Lambretta1995
    | Reply

    @piggylover321 thats what my mum did and i never bit her again

  19. mikey hailing
    | Reply

    theres a part two

  20. Jesse Biersack
    | Reply

    ummm when did she say how t corect it?

  21. RuikeiWolf
    | Reply

    Thanks for the info. I’ll certainly need all the information I can get since I’m to get ferrets in about two months, but these vids really aren’t helping lol.
    Thanks again, and a thumbs up from me.

  22. Maniere Journal
    | Reply

    can u just get one ferret and not many ?

  23. AdeleMaley
    | Reply

    Right this is Useless:

    For all those people who acctuly need help about biting ferrets,

    When your playing with them and they grab ahold of you, If you Tap the gently over the nose, they should stop. Like dogs, you stun them. DO NOT hit them to hard or over the top of their heads as you may hurt them.

    This has been tried and tested and it does work, if you have any more trouble, PM me and I’ll give you some advice.

    Thums This up so People in need of help can get it!

  24. LagmonX
    | Reply

    Mine does not bite me at all, its kinda sad cuz i wanna play with him. And he does not wanna play with me 🙁 He plays with my cats but not with me! MY CATS ARE ATTENTION HOGS! THEY NEED TO BACK OFF MY FERRET!

  25. TwistedSmoker91
    | Reply

    What the fuck did I just watch?

    If you dont want a ferret to bite you, yelp with pain when they do, when they bite they are only playing, ferrets have thick skin and fur to protect them from getting hurt when biting each other, so if you yelp with pain everytime they will soon learn it is causing you pain, and will stop.

    Seriously, its that simple.

  26. devdylmom
    | Reply


  27. WOODROW2020
    | Reply

    So I was wondering. What do you do to train your ferret to stop biting hard. Expert Village are a bunch of retards. they do no teach you anything!

  28. Isabella Mclester
    | Reply

    There is NO information on HOW TO stop the biting!!! If you guys want to see real videos, where they actually tell you how to do stuff. Check out, MonkeySeeVideos!

  29. UnCLePSYchO
    | Reply

    scruffing works to correct ferret biting, i also put his head in my mouth, and OBVIOUSLY did not bite him, but he never bit me again, these are 2 of several recognized ways to discourage biting. remember that ferrets are small, and be careful, never hit your ferret.

  30. Pengalor
    | Reply

    For all the morons in the comments here: THERE IS A PART 2 TO THE RIGHT IN THE RELATED VIDEOS, GENIUS.

  31. john johnson
    | Reply

    If I had ferret I’d teach it to steal valuables from my neighbors

  32. ClaudiaSwann
    | Reply

    if you’re in america you can get something called ‘bitter apple’ ferrets hate the taste of this, so if you wear it on your hands while handling them, they will soon learn that they hate biting you. make sure to treat your ferret when he’s being good.

  33. snauzy
    | Reply

    But how the fuck do you correct a ferret!!!!!

  34. Banahnah Babee
    | Reply

    My ferret does not bite me at all! just make sure you play with the ferret in the pet store.. when i bought my ferret they took her out of the cage and played with her and they were telling me how gentle she is and i got to hold her.. the first store i went to they guy didnt even take it out of the cage or wake it up… 🙂

  35. diehard5830
    | Reply

    theres a part 2

  36. EliteBeast4
    | Reply

    Is it worth it to get a ferret if its gonna bite you all the time? I REALLY don’t like being bitten by animals, considering i have sensitive skin, and i can feel it for a long time. I want one but i’m afraid it’ll bite me once and i don’t wanna neglect it by ignoring it thinking its gonna bite me again. what should i do?

  37. Lizra66
    | Reply

    I grew up with three dogs and we had two ferrets that got along with them. I think it depends on your dog’s personality and how social she/he is. From what I remember, we introduced our ferrets slowly to our dogs. We held the ferret and allowed the dog and ferret to sniff each other. We did this for a few days and then allowed the ferret on the ground. We always had the dog on the leash just in case he decided to attack the ferret. Never leave a new ferret alone with a dog.

  38. Lizra66
    | Reply

    When my male ferret use to bite hard, I placed my finger inside of his mouth and kept it there for a few seconds. It seemed to make him think about how hard he was biting and after a week or two of using this tactic he would only gently nip at my hands when playing.

  39. Haleyvonneable
    | Reply

    this doesnt say anything at all about how to train a ferret! i have a pitbull (who is not dangerous,btw) but i REALLY want a ferret. ppl keep telling me not to get one because my dog will supposedly eat the ferret. i rele needed info on how to train them!

  40. 4 Freedom
    | Reply

    When your critter bites you (they will when babies, it’s how they communicate) gently grab the lower half of their jaw (with your thumb slightly in their mouth) and hold for a few seconds. This makes them uncomfortable, and then they associate that biting you = uncomfortable. Since you only do this when they bite too hard, it may take a day or two but definitely works -owner of 5 fuzzies.

  41. AlphabetSoupCircus
    | Reply

    this is proof these people don’t know what they’re talking about. xD

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