How to Care For a Ferret : Correcting Pet Ferret Biting: Part 2

Watch an exotic animal health technician explain how to train a pet ferret not to bite in this free online video. Expert: Sarah Tingle Contact: www.extracare…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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38 Responses

  1. Chloe Taylor
    | Reply

    Aint that cruel what if your ferret has only started biting u?? Cause last year my pet ferrets bro Bumble had to be put down and now honey the ferret bites me??

  2. Gina Turek
    | Reply

    this did not work it made him bite more. f**k u shara

  3. arainbowify
    | Reply

    Keep in mind if it’s a kit (baby) it won’t stop right away because it’s still a baby

  4. sharon slattery
    | Reply

    exotic? thare from ireland

  5. Pointburn
    | Reply

    No dude, thats pokemon

  6. Scott Funk
    | Reply

    Anyone interested in learning about or getting a ferret, please join the “Ferret Owners” group in Facebook. We have over 1,500 extremely knowledgable and experienced people who can help educate you on the BEST ways to care for a fuzzy. I’ve owned ferrets for over 25 years and I’m still learning because of the group. Ferrets are great creatures but they are NOT like cats and dogs… there is specific things you need to know in order to take care of them properly.

  7. Frewozi
    | Reply

    always talk to your ferret in a subtle voice, when it starts to bite scruff it and say NO in a slightly louder tone. You can try hissing at him/her or you can lightly drag him/her across the floor. This is what the mother would do to assert dominance or discipline her children, but I personally prefer not to because you can easily put more weight on your ferret in that position than they can handle. Keep repeating these steps, it may take months! Don’t give up 🙂

  8. FerretDude15
    | Reply

    Why correct them when there’s the three solids rules of a ferret?
    1. If I like it, it’s mine
    2. If I latch onto it, I’m not letting go till you give it to me
    3. I’ll bitechu

  9. sabrina Danda
    | Reply

    what u do when ur ferret still is bitting pieces out of u? >.<

  10. MagicMan2641
    | Reply

    Suck me off ya sluz

  11. teddyjeli111
    | Reply

    scruffing your ferret wont work your sopose to scruff them and hiss at them thats wat their mother would do if they did something she didnt like sorry for spelling

  12. itsreptar42
    | Reply

    doesnt hurt them. At all. It just releass a chemical that basically relaxes the body, not paralyzes, but something similar. Its what the mommy ferrets use in the wild to tell her baby ferrets to not do soemthing. Hope this helped!

  13. AquaBubblez13
    | Reply

    If your ferret won’t let go of stuff, get your fingers (only if your ferret is nice and doesn’t bite you) and hold their teeth sideways and gently squeeze and the mouth will open. If your ferret will bite you if you try it, tempt it with a treat or food. Don’t get your ferret too used to that cause it might purpously do that for treats! :o) ~Aquabubblez13 Sierra

  14. Colette Green
    | Reply

    I agree!!! Poor ferret! Or maybe, before the video, it WAS biting her so she used that one for the video.

  15. portauprince22
    | Reply

    I tried that, just left me with a bloody thumb.

  16. Jassmine Wietrzykowski
    | Reply

    You said when they bite you need to scruff them. Y did you scruff the one you were holding twice when it didn’t do anything to u!?!?!

  17. snizzlefrazzy
    | Reply

    When Lucky bites too hard, instead of flicking his nose, I just give him a tap on the nose and say “NO”. It seems to be working

  18. TheMarwish
    | Reply


  19. TheMarwish
    | Reply

    LOL xD thats a joke right O.o

  20. Damion Demmerly
    | Reply

    My ferret play bites and it doesnt even hurt at all itts almost like he knows what play biting is.

  21. autumn thornburg
    | Reply

    Scruffing the ferret doesn’t hurt it. it calms it down and makes it yawn…..

  22. yewsi
    | Reply

    They bite fking hard, watching this with blood on my hands!!!

  23. TheHeartbraker7
    | Reply

    i got two ferrits and they dont bite at all unless i get inbtween them while thre play fighting (i let them run around in the garouge and i lock the doors and close the windows so they cant get out…they love to rasle and hide ther food

  24. puppy525525
    | Reply

    my ferret won’t bite me unless i piss him off. XD lol i love him. They are better than puppies!

  25. SnoopyBlexican
    | Reply

    pick it up by the scruff then hiss in its face… thats what the mother ferret would do….

  26. Jurgen t
    | Reply

    i give him a tick over he’s nose with my middlefinger and he stopped biting sometime’s my female wants to get my finger than i do it again and now she dont bite look at my channel for my 2 little ferrets of 6 weeks old they so cute

  27. joemcnuggetman2
    | Reply

    I actually laughed at this.

  28. veedublee
    | Reply

    @capblossoms….get a grip, these animals are bred to hunt rabbits. they shouldnt be pets, ive kept ferrets for years and worked them successfully. none of mine bit because when i get them the first time they bite me i shove my finger down their throat and they get the message. all this softly softly stuff doesnt work. how is flicking a ferret going to kill it? i never flick mine or have to do anything to stop them biting now. be harsh the first time they bite and they will never bite again.

  29. john johnson
    | Reply

    Damn you Schwarzenegger!!!!!

  30. lamboracer22
    | Reply

    oh yea! now i will dominate and make it have babys to take over california to make these lil guyz legal

  31. john johnson
    | Reply

    your ferret is evolving..
    dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun
    You now own a Battle Wolverine!

  32. lamboracer22
    | Reply

    i challenge you to a ferret battle….. sounds better in pokemon

  33. emmett martin
    | Reply

    my ferret is walking round in circles whats up with it ):

  34. john johnson
    | Reply

    Exit stage right! *tigigigigig*

  35. crimsonknight101
    | Reply

    Micheal Vick is that you?

  36. crimsonknight101
    | Reply

     Micheal Vick is that you?

  37. doom705
    | Reply

    this helped soooo much 😀

  38. DarkAsassin87
    | Reply

    I have a ferret for 3 months and when i want to play with him he starts to make weird sounds and runs away,Yes i flicked him when he bites but i stopped when i found out its not good for them, i think he is now scared,and he bites so i often wear gloves,i dont know what to do somebody please help me because i dont want a wild animal…

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