How To Calm Your Dog Down in Minutes!

Training dogs that are hyper takes a certain approach. This video is sponsored by BarkBox! Get a free BarkBox when you sign up for a 6 or 12 month subscription at

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How to teach your dog to enjoy wearing a muzzle:

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Playlist: How to teach your puppy or dog the basics in order:

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30 Responses

  1. Fortnite Pro
    | Reply

    I have 3 dogs how do I train them all at one time

  2. happy productions
    | Reply

    i just got a dog today

  3. Krista Tikkanen
    | Reply

    What if your 5 month GSD puppy doesn't get excited about tug? she grabs onto it but doesn't really like it, i find it weird

  4. Super bee
    | Reply

    So what about playing fetch with my dog for a hour or more till she stops bringing it back. By the ten min drive home shes ready to go all over again. How do you wear out a dog like this

  5. Ash
    | Reply

    How do you get them to let go?

  6. Comfort Lining-Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive
    | Reply

    I do all this and my puppy wont slow down. She has so much exercise all day even plays with my other puppy and still acts crazy.

  7. Mike Wilcock
    | Reply

    🥁 just put the toys you buy into a box. Bam ! Ur done.

    Ugh this world.

  8. conasse88
    | Reply

    Great video! It helped me a lot!

    Exalted Video!I really love it! It helped me a lot!

  9. Matthew
    | Reply

    Mate! You’re so smart. Love all your videos, they have helped me so much with my little friend. Thank you and keep it up.

  10. Jaanah Barredo
    | Reply

    If I pull too hard am I gonna break his teeth on tug of war?

  11. Wolfie Da Best
    | Reply

    This is off topic but DAAAAYYUUUM THAT HOUSE IS HUGE

  12. Jeet Thakwani
    | Reply

    I have two dogs, one my dad bought who is 5 now and another which is around 8 months. Both German Shepherds. The smaller one is hyperactive so the bigger one bites the small one in the mouth and holds her. In a way to calm it down. It was so funny.

  13. the flake catcher
    | Reply

    Im writing this while my dog bites me

  14. ERIN KIM
    | Reply

    Goose looks just like my dog

  15. Deseree Vagay
    | Reply

    I adopted a chow chow dog i got him when he is 1 year and 2 mos and my problem with my dog he did play biting so much and jumping over me and i am little nervous about his behaviour i have 1 kid in our house. As far as i know chow chow breed is moody at times. I am afraid that it may cause aggression. Please help me.

  16. ffbarnette
    | Reply

    I have issues with my dog wanting to bite the part of the rope that I am holding. Do you have any tips on how to fix this.

  17. honky canuk
    | Reply

    I've had my new rescue for about a month now and she is terrified of the barking dog next door which is right in front of my entrance. I live in an apartment building so I don't have a balcony/patio, backyard or an easy access to a park. Is there any way to fix this?

  18. Sephie Rojas
    | Reply

    I tried doing this with my 9 week old pup, but he ends up not coming back with the toy. He just plonks his butt on the floor, then chews on the toy on his own. Is there any tip to get him into tugging?

  19. Joshua Howley
    | Reply

    Flirt sticks work great as well, posted about it on my channel.

  20. ms abhishek
    | Reply

    I tried to do it with my lab initially with a cloth. It didn't work but afterwards I tried to do it with a plastic bottle but the dog tried to eat the bottle, if I tried to take bottle out of his mouth he is doing grrrrrr…. Sound this is the first time I am seeing him doing like that. He was not having fear also what to do

  21. Grant Brister
    | Reply

    How do you teach him to let go?

  22. P0ison AppLE
    | Reply

    I’m sure my future dog will love all this knowledge I gain for him/her

  23. Iris Barre
    | Reply

    When I retire, I'll definitely get a dog, I'll have a lot of time to walk and run with him. But now, I'm just happy to see you with your dogs~

  24. Brian Pacini
    | Reply

    Great video! –

  25. ene mee
    | Reply

    my choco lab didn't return the ball, she ran away with it!

  26. random sonic
    | Reply

    I would like people to help me with this if you could be so kind

    Based on this please tell me if you think my family can give a dog a good life

    I would like a newfoundland
    I would rather get a rescue and give a dog a new lease of life but I'm open to buying

    We live in a five bedroom house with only three people (including ourself)

    We have a good garden which is connected directly to a large dog walking and leshier field
    On the other side of the road there are more fields

    We are quite house proud
    We go on holiday twice a year where the newfoundland wouldn't be able to come with us in most surcomstances as we go to hot places (guinea pigs go to boarding as would the dog)

    I am always into tech projects and so there are tools lying around but that's just my untidueness when it comes to projects and I would guide them away if we had a dog so that there was no risk of Injury

    We have friends with dogs and my grandad also has a field

    We have two guinea pigs that live include in a two storie very secure huch and they haven't been bothered by dogs in the past
    They came up to the bars to have a sniff
    They are verry well looked after and I intend to keep it that way as I am the one who is responsible for them
    They have a large pack away run and have plenty of chances to exercise

    The closest field can flood, so it's pretty good for a newfoundland

    Finance is forunatly not a problem

    We would need the dog to be verry well behaved and are prepared to spend a lot of time in trading school together to make that a reality

    We are relatively close to the sea as we are I the SW of England

    We are more than happy to walk up to an hour a day (We also go on walked on weekends)

    Only one of my parents has dog experience but we are all familiar with them

    We are prepared for mess but as I have said We are quite house proud and have recently goten new sofas and carpet

    I my GCSE's are next year and I don't know if I would be capable for caring during that time as I strugel with dyslexia and so have to do 100+ hours of revision just for my termly science exams(I took triple) (don't go to wyvern collage they only care about grades)

    We own a very large freelander which would be more than capable of transporting a dog but we are also quite car proud as it is a relatively new second hand car in very good condition

    I don't like small dogs
    I used to have a fear of dogs that I have overcome completely after several years (another reason why newfoundland because there so passive)

    I am fine with the poo, grooming, cleaning etc

    The road we are next to is a busy main road but we have 5ft gates

    It can get hot in summer but our house is only 15 years old and so is very cool and has a great breeze in summer
    We like to keep our house fairly warm in winter but my room is always below 20 (how I prefer)

    My patients are a bit iffy with smell and poo

    I am trying to do as much research as possible and am aware of their needs but don't know anyone directly who's owned a newfoundland


  27. ja b'aaron kowalski
    | Reply

    you say minutes. i need seconds!

  28. Matt Elder
    | Reply

    With my lab probably 2 years old, he goes crazy even if I just put my shirt on because he thinks we are going for a walk. We don’t have a big backyard but we take him to a fenced area as much as we can, but still even when I’m trying to get dressed for a walk he goes crazy jumping biting scratches and barks like crazy and I have no idea how to calm him down

  29. Finchyy
    | Reply

    my older dog doesn't chase anything except cats.

  30. Katherine Liriano
    | Reply

    Is my dog the only one who bites when he brings a toy back?

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