How to Bread Canaries

Peculiarities in Nesting of Canaries: How to Bread Canaries (Difficulties in Laying Eggs)

By Geomil Georgiev

If at the time of laying eggs the female canary stays bristled up and immovable, this could mean that it has difficulties in laying eggs. The mature egg, ready to be laid, cannot pass through the cloaca – the reasons can be different. The normally formed egg cannot be laid by the female only when it is ill or weak. In extraordinary situations very often it happens so that the egg has no shell and only an egg with a shell can press the muscles of the oviduct – a soft egg without a shell can do this. The shell does not form only when the organism of the female bird does not have enough calcium. Excessively young females very often have difficulties in laying eggs.

IMPORTANT! If you do not have enough experience, take the bird to a vet. Only a very experienced selectionist can afford to try different types of help.

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