WATCH ADORABLE ROBOS SANDBATHING! 😀 (Fizzypiggies) – Thank you to everyone who sent in footage for the video it w…

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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38 Responses

  1. Maxsy from Minecraft
    | Reply

    Earlier this year my hamster died of Wet Tail ;(

  2. Colin Lazzarini
    | Reply

    I might be getting a dwarf hamster for my birthday so I have been
    researching so much of how to clean it how to tame it what it should eat
    and if it needs a big cage and basically everything it needs

  3. MegaMoo
    | Reply

    Doesnt water batheing a hamster startle them and kill them?

  4. Keren Chadwick
    | Reply

    Thanks for this very informative video 🙂 Nice one

  5. Yasy ツ
    | Reply

    Hi Erin, I live in the UK and petsathome do not have sand to clean
    hamsters. May I ask the best brand to buy bathing sand online? Thank you in
    advance :)

  6. DeadLikeMe1234
    | Reply

    my syrian hamster has long fur. Do I need to take extra care of his fur
    because it’s long haired? I used to brush my previous hamster who had long
    fur as well with a soft toothbrush. He got old and decided he didn’t need
    to clean his fur anymore, so I had to brush him with a toothbrush. But is
    it nessecary to brush them next to the bathing sand?

  7. AnaDMTL
    | Reply

    what if he gets something sticky on his fur? can a wet towel work? or one
    of those pet humid towels work too? is it too invasive?

  8. Gerbil232
    | Reply

    Would it be safe to use beach sand? I know that I will need to sift through
    it for shells, but will it be too fine? I also have researched on cleaning
    it. Thanks for any tips! ^-^

  9. Jo Strecker
    | Reply

    i all most put my hamster in water

  10. mabiBOBO
    | Reply

    Hi, just subbed recently and I was wondering if Kaytee’s Critter Bath
    Powder would be ok for my Syrian hamster 😡 my boyfriend couldn’t find any
    sand ones in the pet shops and they told him that this one would be fine.

  11. leanna Stimpel
    | Reply

    thank u.u have Ben a real help i got a hamsters for Christmas 

  12. missykim
    | Reply

    Thank you!! It’s so refreshing to watch an intelligent video about bathing
    a hamster. Well done! 

  13. shqsone sowon sq
    | Reply

    No wonder my hamsters died quick. The shop owners said its ok to bath them
    once a week. I wish I had done a lot more research and found ur vid. I had
    2 hamsters and i noticed before they die they will have flu-like symptoms,
    their body shaking. Only now i realised they died from pneumonia. Stupid
    shop owners. I’m takin one more to take care of. Luckily i found ur vids.
    I’m gonna keep them warm.

  14. laky boo
    | Reply

    My hamster climbs every night and most of the time he kicks the water
    bottle,and I wake up in the morning and he is wet:(.
    Any help?Thanks!
    I’m scared of things that could happen!:(

  15. sandra tapia
    | Reply

    What tape of treats can dwarf hamsters eat

  16. Matt van Niekerk
    | Reply

    Haha my hamster tipped his bowl with the sand inside. its a Dwarf hamster
    and he went white, I couldn’t stop laughing at him. Can you please make a
    video about nice, healthy, easy homemade treats for my hamster. I made a
    few of other peoples treats and my hamster picked up weight. 

  17. fried spider
    | Reply

    are cleaning wipes a problem?

  18. laila smith
    | Reply

    How can I tell if it’s a boy or a girl because I found on In a cage
    stranded and I took him in I wanna know what age he is? Please helps and
    thanks for leading people in the right direction 

  19. waddledee5399
    | Reply

    Hi Erin, I have a ceramic hideout dish I keep in my hamsters cage, but the
    problem is she like to kick bedding in there. Is this ok, or does this
    prevent her from bathing herself without assistance?

  20. Ashley Walpole
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for the information!

  21. Rebekka Roende
    | Reply

    Is it okay if your hamster gets a Jew drops of water on him, for example
    from his water bottle?

  22. Tracy Tran
    | Reply

    What about Super Pet® Critter Bath Powder

  23. Gail Crossmen
    | Reply

    I got my hamster a potty and bath. She uses the potty as a bath and the
    other way around. What does this mean and what do I do?
    Thanks for your help!


  24. Kirigaya Kazuto
    | Reply

    Do we change the sand when there are like, sunflower seeds shells on the

  25. Ida Forsberg
    | Reply

    my hamster died 46 days from today and it was from that damn SAND! so dont

  26. Dacia Vance
    | Reply

    Do not bathe a hamster!!!!!!!!

  27. Otto Linden
    | Reply

    thank’s for this video it help’s me a lot!

  28. Farhana Firdaus
    | Reply

    Will it really make my hamster clean ??

  29. Tâm Đặng
    | Reply

    May you please do one but a rabbit bathing one ?

  30. Julia Ward
    | Reply

    Oh my gosh thank u because I was thinking of cleaning my dwarf hamster in
    water now I know how to clean him thank u

  31. Sierra Vernon
    | Reply

    I made a sandwich for hamster Mochi, I used bread (without crust), Spinach
    leaves (small ones) and shredded carrots :), I cut the bread very small and
    only give as a treat.

  32. xBubbles26
    | Reply

    I just use baby wipes rarely and mine are fine. I have four.

  33. Maryam Adi
    | Reply

    The hamsters will feel more comfortable in bathing sand. Hamsters that
    bathe in water will surely fall ill and die of hypothermia, also feeling
    cold bristles in their fur. And hamster shampoo is perfect for hamsters but
    we have to wash with the towels of them. Anyway, hope this comment helps!

  34. Mayuki Morita
    | Reply

    do i keep the tray there everyday or not im sorry i wanna own a hamster and
    is finding how to care for them

  35. Pinkanator63
    | Reply

    Which would be cheaper? Chinchilla sand or play sand? My mom probably
    wouldn’t buy it since she doesn’t seem to believe that dust is bad. :P

  36. PygmeCherry
    | Reply

    Reuse sand? Ha, I could never have done that with my hamsters. They used
    the sand to pee in so much that I had to replace the wet sand once a day. I
    also had to move the bowl to a spot right outside the doorway of their
    little house because if they were too sleepy and needed to pee they would
    go around the corner of the house and pee there instead XD Lazy hamsters ..

  37. HamsterHaven11
    | Reply

    hi 🙂 is it ok yo use cat litter (pellets) as a litter substrate to do its
    toilet in and not as a floor substrate ?

  38. NoahandSamschannel
    | Reply

    Good thing I watched this video because I was going to get my hamsters sand
    baths for Christmas and I was about to get chinchilla dust

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