How Much Practice Per Day to Train Your Horse to Jump

Practice sessions with your horse should only last about an hour, and you should always warm up with flat work first. Avoid overworking your horse with advic…

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14 Responses

  1. MidnightStormChase
    | Reply

    Cool the barn i ride at is called SaddleBrook Stables but its located in virginia!

  2. nicole alexis
    | Reply

    how old dose your horse have to be to train?

  3. holly evans
    | Reply

    Unless your horse is my little mare, in which case they go out of their way to go over jumps in the wooded area in their pasture because they think they’re a cross country pony 😛

  4. CoreGoddess
    | Reply

    Well spoken… especially about preventing a BAD HABIT in the corners.

  5. CoreGoddess
    | Reply

    TREAT EVERY horse like a gun. Trained with SAFETY. CAN’T FIX STUPID.
    Protect the 2nd Amendment. GET TRAINED. Evil is the problem. Media rapes our privacy or harming are warriors in war with bad news – triggering PTSD. Media has “no safety”.. using the TAGETY of school children to hide – that they are acting like Hitler not protectors. DO YOUR PART – go out and SALUTE OUR FLAG in PUBLIC. In this country we can worship God by What Ever Name, Can we protect ourselves from weapons of words?

  6. fortheloveofsimon
    | Reply

    they don’t jump in the wild if they can get around it. I mean, think about it. If there’s a log in their way but there’s room to go around it, they’re going to go around it. Just like a horse that’s learning to jump is going to try to avoid the jump as much as possible, by running out or flat-our refusing. It’s not natural for a horse to jump, but it obviously doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to.

  7. 39supers39
    | Reply

    they don’t jump in the wild because they know they could break a leg so they’d rather not risk it same reason horses will not run over you if you’re laying down cuz it could damage their feet although domesticated horses might not have all of the knowledge horses in the wild acquire

  8. lilmissmissi21
    | Reply

    jumping is natural in nature they have to jump over logs and trees to escape from predators. just saying…. but to much jumping can definately hurt there feet and joints

  9. lilmissmissi21
    | Reply

    Couldnt stopping in the corner also cause bad habits beacuse when they go to the corners they think they can stop? Great video though i just have a question.

  10. 39supers39
    | Reply

    I don’t use a stall it doesn’t allow for good blood flow to the horse’s hooves because they stand in one spot all day and horses don’t think like we do they take what we put on them because they think they can’t do anything about it and the one’s that know a bit hurts try to avoid you when you approach them with one but since you probably have yours stuck in a stall it doesn’t have room to move away, no choice

  11. rhymeswithbam
    | Reply

    Are you kidding me? Bits only hurt horses mouths if used INCORRECTLY. Nothing that we do with horses is “natural”. Riding a horse in general isn’t “natural”. Keeping a horse in a stall isn’t “natural”. What is natural for a horse is eating grass in the wild and running from predators. If the bit was hurting the horse’s mouth I’m pretty sure the horse wouldn’t stand for it. My horse loves being ridden and getting exercise, so please do some research before posting.

  12. 39supers39
    | Reply

    any bit hurts a horse’s mouth and jumping isn’t natural for horses so it hurts both their feet and joints watch Rick Gore horsemanship videos here on You Tube to learn real horsemanship

  13. Samantha Allen
    | Reply

    Wow, thanks. Could you guys make a vid on two point?

  14. Mainehorse
    | Reply

    Thanks guys! This is perfect. I’ve been wanting to know this for awhile now!

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