How Miss Lula Matilda, Bichon Poodle, Became the Queen! Cute and funny dog video

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Just how DID a little Bichon Poodle become the queen? Watch this adorable video and find out!

What do you think?

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15 Responses

  1. LilMissSazzy2
    | Reply

    is she really curiosly royal bichon????

  2. ClaraMarieBichon
    | Reply

    This is a very clever video, and I do dubb thee Queen of the every day bichons. Happy dreaming Lula. Clara sends many woofs!

  3. redmaryjaness
    | Reply

    Thanks! Lula sends you and Clara many woofs in return.

  4. redmaryjaness
    | Reply

    Yes, Lula really is the Curiously Royal Bichon…

  5. lolahavasuaz
    | Reply

    Bravo ….. !
    Miss Lula is 2 cute

    Kipper , Herbie , Sketter & our Bichon Lola
    give thier woof’s to Lila …….. ahhhh !
    have a nice Thanksgiving this ‘ 09
    Bill & Patty Az . usa

  6. redmaryjaness
    | Reply

    Lula and I are happy you enjoyed our videos, and we wish all of you a happy thanksgiving, too!

  7. snellvillegirl
    | Reply

    adorable and creative what a honey girl she is!!!

  8. EasyBakeSmiles
    | Reply

    this is INSANELY cute! 😀

  9. DrunkBunny
    | Reply


  10. jiggrgermy
    | Reply

    This video doesn’t explain in the slightest how she became queen! It just says “She wanted it…and then it happened” HOW DID IT HAPPEN?!?!?!?! Was there a fairy godmother or something? Did she rub a lamp with a genie in it? Thumbs down for lack of information.

  11. redmaryjaness
    | Reply

    @jiggrgermy Whatever Lula wants, Lula gets. It’s just that simple.

  12. adrianpuppy
    | Reply


  13. TottallyRule
    | Reply

    its so cute~! i love all the pictures and great job of putting this video together for people to watch~! great job~! oh and cute little queen 🙂

  14. felixbuller
    | Reply

    Cute video! But what is the guitar music called? 🙂

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