“How long does it take to train a ferret?”

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11 Responses

  1. Sylvi Savage
    | Reply

    My girl Iggy finally mastered “roll over” today! haha. I have been trying
    to teach her for MONTHS and today she finally mastered it :)

  2. TadaKiba
    | Reply

    Do you have any tips on how to train a ferret who wont take a treat

  3. Aaliyah Mayo
    | Reply

    Do u have any advice where I can get a ferret because I spent money on a
    cage and every thing and its pretty hard to find one? Oh and I love your

  4. Sami-Adrienne Whitney
    | Reply

    We just started training our two ferrets buddy and rowdy yesterday(using
    your methods) and they both already come to there names litter training has
    gotten way better and buddy can already stand up your methods are amazing
    thank you very much for sharing 🙂 we enjoy training our ferrets People
    should just have patience buddy is a quick learner and rowdy is a bit
    slower so it just shows how all ferrets are different we will definalty
    post a video of there tricks for you sometime and I think joey rowdy and
    buddy all need a play date haha OH and happy almost birthday to me and joey
    lol! (march 17th)

  5. Livi Noller
    | Reply

    Hello, I would like to start off by saying I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL! Joey is
    adorable! I had a question for you… I was thinking of getting snother
    ferret and I already have a male that i got last May 2nd and he will be 1
    year and 9 weeks old on May 2nd of this year… If I wanted to get another
    male ferret, should I keep them in seprate cages?

  6. I'm normal I promise
    | Reply

    i taught my gerbils to spin and it took a month or so. I never got
    frustrated because it just wasnt that serious

  7. Jessiicahh44
    | Reply

    My two ferrets both learn super fast. They learnt each trick within a day.

  8. Kathy Cottey
    | Reply

    Joey is so cute and fat lol and I love your videos to….. I have three
    ferrets 2 males 1 female just love them so much

  9. wanda galloway
    | Reply

    i have a white ferret named poko and i tried the chicken breast boiled in
    water and he didnt eat it

  10. ferretmaster62
    | Reply

    Ferret kisses are the best kisses…ever!

  11. Pinkie N Pops Exotics
    | Reply

    My older ferret Pantera knows his name after about a week or so of
    training, however Dime who is 2 months younger then Pantera is learning his
    name slowly. Each ferret learns at their own pace. A comment to the person
    whos ferret doesnt like treats, Pantera is like that he only likes nbones,
    chicken bandit treats, and ferrovite. Most of the time he is fine with
    praise and petting when I train with him.

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