How I tamed my Bird

Some of you guys complained about my video “How to tame your pet bird.” So I’ve decided to make another one.

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47 Responses

  1. Grind Stone
    | Reply

    i tamed my sun conure in just 2 hours

  2. 4Zelda1
    | Reply

    Enjoyed the slow and patient approach to tame your bird:)

  3. Kelsey Cici
    | Reply

    This has been extremely helpful! Thank you so much! I realize this took
    about 2 months. That a long time. ( Lol, I have a summer to do so.) Also,
    your budgie flew on top of a picture when you let it out. Can you make a
    video on how to get it back in? Again, this video has helped me gain
    confidence in taming my 1 year old female!

  4. sunil k nair
    | Reply

    great parakeet is so beautiful & familiar & ur video is too great iam a
    budgie lover thx

  5. Violet Kakasaki
    | Reply

    What kind of bird is that? She is SO beutiful!

  6. 117Otis
    | Reply

    I loved this. Did you just offer him millet & your finger to take him back
    to his cage? We are getting our budgie next week & will be using your

  7. Lucija Kovacevic
    | Reply

    my parakeet wants eat from my hand from my hand but does not wants climb on
    hand.. I need an extra dose of patient..

  8. Mauricio Rodriguez
    | Reply

    Now, this will help 😀

  9. Linda Linda
    | Reply

    great video, very informative. good work. thank you

  10. EG0723
    | Reply

    Hello if someone could help me it’d be great. I have a parakeet who’s mate
    just died. I don’t like to see him so lonely so I want to tame him. How
    should I start? I’ve given him millet from my hand before & food too. He’s
    stepped up to my hand before also so I know he’s not scared but what should
    I do? No rude responses please

  11. Mana667
    | Reply

    Thank you sooo much for your video!! I was happy to read that I do the same
    handlings as you did XD (sitting by the cage, and just talk etc) 😀 Now I
    feel more at ease to see that my bird can become tame ^_^ My bird is 6
    months now, a boy, So… I hope he will be my best friend! xD And trust me!
    ^_^ <3

  12. Jessica Xia
    | Reply

    The video is really helpful, great job!

  13. Evan T
    | Reply

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Youshall Notkow
    | Reply

    the music wasnt relay nice but great video

  15. Janell Young
    | Reply


  16. TheExtraResolution
    | Reply


  17. Optimus Telefon
    | Reply

    We do not need 38 days, 7 days is enough patience slowly but carefully to
    try some food, this is the secret.

  18. Optimus Telefon
    | Reply

    Nem kell ide 38 nap , 7 nap is elég, csak türelem lassan óvatosan
    próbálkozni ennivalóval ez a titok.

  19. Derrick Goynes
    | Reply

    your video has helped me a lot with my 2 new parakeets 🙂

  20. mousinho marcal
    | Reply


  21. SunGuru86
    | Reply

    Ain’t nobody got time fo dat

  22. Antreas Ch
    | Reply

    i did it faster. i cliped my parrots fethers, so i force him to climb on my
    finger. then i started hand feeding training him to fly to my hand. all
    than in one week 🙂 but nice effort

  23. Stephen Naraj
    | Reply

    I can do it quicker and the parrot will still like me

  24. chloe t
    | Reply

    u shouldnt give that much millets cuz it fattening only give them for
    treats of doing tricks i read all about it and im getting 2 of them but ur
    parakeet is pretty <3

  25. The Parakeet Perch
    | Reply

    My birds aren’t clipped and were tamed in a matter of days. I don’t think
    clipping makes too much of a difference.

  26. The Parakeet Perch
    | Reply

    There are so many variables to this: origin of the bird (breeder birds that
    are hand fed will come pretty well tame whereas pet store birds will be
    more of a challenge), how much time is spent training daily, the bird’s
    individual personality, past experience of the bird (if it has been grabbed
    by hands a lot, it is going to view them as negative), etc.

  27. The Parakeet Perch
    | Reply

    I have two birds and was able to train them to step up simultaneously.

  28. The Parakeet Perch
    | Reply

    Glad you highlighted just how much time it can take to train. Also, I found
    that having them step up onto a hand the is empty is better than doing it
    with the one holding the millet. My keets started pecking my hand when it
    held the food. That stopped when I switched the millet to my other hand and
    brought them to it :).

  29. Andreas Jüttner
    | Reply

    To all people thinking of buying a budgie please dont buy just one budgie
    … they need a partner nothing against your video.. but i hate to see them
    being alone

  30. YoshiRulesYou Aj
    | Reply

    OMg am crying u are so good OMg plz do more vids am thinking of getting a
    pet budgie

  31. Annmarie Reilly
    | Reply

    I’ve tamed my budgie in a couple of hours

  32. Михаил казак
    | Reply

    something here to get by for a long time I have in a week at the hands went

  33. TheAbbstaChannel
    | Reply

    Would I be able to do this with my 2 birds?

  34. CowSlayer49
    | Reply

    I can’t stop thinking about my 2 birds dying and I keep crying

  35. Luka Zivoder
    | Reply

    I have a bird, but she just wants to eat from my hand, do not want to stop

  36. Emily Trojan
    | Reply

    It took you 2 months ?!? Wow iv heard of people doing it in a 2 weeks and
    they considered that a long time

  37. ˙·٠•●MoodyCake●•٠·˙
    | Reply

    Teach me how

  38. Jadon Bailey
    | Reply

    thanks for sharing! i’m going to try to re-tame my lovey. in two weeks

  39. PoutineProductions
    | Reply

    Omg my bugie’s name is Bibi too!!! Although I named him after my
    pillow….In memory of my pillow.

  40. 25zeenat25
    | Reply


  41. xingsheng1
    | Reply

    Bibi is such a babe, gorgeous!

  42. FirePhoenix39
    | Reply

    Try giving it a more “natural” home and maybe bird friend thoguh I don’t
    think your bond will break since you were very patient

  43. Rene Apodaca
    | Reply

    that was cute

  44. sarge6925
    | Reply

    woah, that took you forever! It just took me 5 or 3 days.

  45. isak bjelke
    | Reply

    you did the ”luring” at day 38… i did it as soon as i got my budgie,
    and he felt for it and i got him pretty tame at like 4 days.. well now..
    now he’s as tame as he can be…

  46. Maqsood Ameen
    | Reply

    awsome!! 🙂

  47. BrandonJ123456
    | Reply

    2 years later…

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