How Do I Keep My Lazy Horse Cantering Without Using Leg All The Time? – Dressage Mastery TV Ep 93

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Hello and welcome to this weeks episode brought to you by Grand Prix rider Natasha Althoff. Dressage Mastery is an easy to follow system helping riders all around the world improve their riding.

This week Natasha answers a question sent in. How can I keep the lazy horse in canter without using leg all the time?

You’ll love all the learnings from this video. It’s a great lesson.

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We hope you enjoy this video and learn lots from this lesson.

Until next week, happy and safe riding 🙂

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29 Responses

  1. Kalani Watson
    | Reply

    Hey! I am a huge fan of you as you have incredibly advanced strategies for certain situations whilst riding. I actually watch your videos in the car before I ride so no matter what I'm working on I'm doing it correctly and I know it, it's like a pre riding lesson. Haha, I have had my new horse for just over three months now and the old owner used to not have the divider in the float she would just let the horses bump butts and when I float him I am not going to always have another horse there, therefore, i want to work on putting him in and out of the float ensuring when I want to take him to pony club etc. he is quick to get in the float quietly. When moving him to his agistment once we bought him he refused to go in and we tried everything possible to encourage him to get in, i would really appreciate it if you did a video on working with horses who are hesitant towards the float! xxx

  2. Adriana Archheaven
    | Reply

    Um u see ….A horse that i ride at the stable is either lazy or its me who is doing something wrong. U see I cant get her to canter at all and if I do for like 3 seconds. I kick her on as hard as I can and use the whip but she doesnt move 🙁 Please tell me what to do. Thank You.

  3. Emily Roberts
    | Reply

    I feel like people outside of Canada and he states say words wrong like garage hat is one of the words I hear britts say and I feel he need inside to say in my head that the pronunciation of words needs to change, I once watched a girl on YouTubee a few days ago and said that the word Gangnam is pronounced wrong and I commented back saying that people pronounce words diffferenty and to get over it. I think people are saying it properly. Not the way she said it. Horses are my dream. I ride a male horse who is around twenty one years old and is owned by one of the staff members at the barn where I ride. He is so sweet and gentle I rarely have a problem with him. I feel quite content when I am up on him doing a posting trot. We are a great team. I have been riding now for nine years and a great rider. I am a great rider because I ha e a family who loves me and supports me even though I am visually impaired. I am a Canadian who over reading and weighting on my new IPad which I am typing on right now to send this comment, If anyone would like to comment back please feel red to , I don't mind book spoilers either, Whts with the YouTube commiunity telling the viewers no hate comments? It's not like you can do anything with them. You just neeeed to deal with them and let people post what they want.

  4. Emily Roberts
    | Reply

    How is kicking the horse cruel? I think it iiis fine. I am a hariputic horseackrider and I kick my horse so often becuse he is a bit of a stubborn guy,

    | Reply

    could you do something about teaching a horse to stop breaking out of canter. Also, about getting a horse more forward and better transitions

  6. Libby Johnson
    | Reply

    Brilliant…. and so right about the pestering comments…. wish more peeps realized that 😉 Stop kicking the crap out of the poor loves and making them 'dull' …

  7. Dakota Graysong
    | Reply

    " i know i would rather have my rider have her legs away and have the whip on me once then be kicked in the gut every stride" that actually makes sense! i was like ohhhhhh yeah i agree. i am always against crops ( except for ques and directions of course) because i didnt want to hurt them but then she pointed out that alot of people kick their horse every stride to try and get them to go ( i admit that i used to do that) but the horse would probably only want to be whipped once for the que for the canter. do you get what i am saying? xD i know i know. of course i dont ask for the canter with the whip right away i will apply pressure with my legs and do like one or two small kicks and if my horse doesnt respond i will tap lightly with the crop and that usually gets her going. but any way this helped ALOT!! 😀 thank you so much Natasha! 😀 i will keep watching your videos for further advice and tips!

  8. Anastasia Papazaxaria
    | Reply

    Natasha,one more amazing and helpful video.I have a problem with the young horse that I ride.She is really ENERGETIC and she doesn't like it when I am holding the reins too close so that I can control her better.So when she canters or she is trotting I can stop her without pulling the reins and that makes her angry(sometimes she even tends to rear..)What can I do?

  9. Hey Ugly
    | Reply

    Thank you for this. Both of my legs have minds of their own. My right leg stays off horse and my heel stays down but my left I point my toe. Even if I tell myself geek down I point just my left foot

  10. rigan rochemcevoy
    | Reply

    My horse is young and she won't canter past certain points in my arena. I am loosing my stirrups cause my leg is always on and I don't know what to do. Any tips??

  11. Alison 101
    | Reply

    This helped so much I'm going to my first show in a month and I have been worried about my horse not cantering

  12. Jumping for joy films
    | Reply

    I have the opposite problem XD

  13. Forever Equine
    | Reply

    My mare is pretty rude. I'm definitely going to try this because when ever I "dare" her to trot she will be like "oh guuurl, you better not hit me with that crop or kick me forward" then I do and she stops and turns her head and starts spinning. I really need some help guys. If anyone has any tips with that plz plz plz tell me

  14. Evie Larsson
    | Reply

    How do you get your horse to go over a jump mines is always refusing

  15. Em Equestrian
    | Reply

    I ride a 17 year old horse, and you would expect him to keep his canter after doing good training, but no! I have to keep squeezing with my legs, yet he still goes to a super fast trot. My legs are very loose. That may be because I just started cantering, but I have loose reins while in the canter. Once he breaks his canter to a trot, I'm all over the place. How can I fix this? Should I use a crop?

  16. TheBaroquelady
    | Reply

    I really got lot out of this today….I combined the exercises of the trot-canter-trot transition work along with demanding forward (especially at the trot!) then letting off and letting her keep the rhythm and IT WORKED!…I worried a bit about her bucking but the sharp correction then leaving it was something she was really understanding and ultimately appreciated the confidence I was putting in her to keep it going….we had beautiful swing and it was so much fun….and I was amazed how the trot canter trot transitions improved her balance and forward!!!! I can't wait to ride her again! Thank you! ~Tina & Fiona

  17. Lily Looloo
    | Reply

    Hi I'm lily and I'm 12 and I show ponys.i have a 134cm pony and she's very lazy but this was very useful and now she will canter round maybe 8 times around our indoor arena

  18. Mahmoud Hasib
    | Reply

    please translate your videos to Arabic Language

  19. EquestrianGirls8
    | Reply

    can u help i try get from walk to trot to canter but my horse just goes straight to cantr help??!!

  20. nightmare wolf
    | Reply

    my horse every time i try to get him into the canter he does it for about 2 to 3 strides then he goes back into the trot and it is really hard to get him back into the canter again

  21. JudixCovers
    | Reply

    Nice reminder 🙂 My horse now actually corrects herself when she drops out of canter like "OH NO NM I SHOULDN'T DO THAT" :')

  22. Bubz Breyer
    | Reply

    I've set my own rule for keeping my horse going and that is:
    1. Squeeze
    2. Kick
    3. Kick and ask with verbal commands
    4. Tap on the butt with a crop
    5. If all else fails and my horse just wants to be a pain, give a good smack with the crop and then I normally don't need to do it anymore.

  23. Taylor Marie
    | Reply

    This is my first time ever watching your videos, you are FANTASTIC !!!!!

  24. Mia's funtastical World!
    | Reply

    I always get points off during my dressage test because I can't get my horse to do a nice downward transition and halt at x through a medium walk.

  25. Hannah Bodner
    | Reply

    Gretchen is absolutely stunning <3 !!

  26. Bookishhorsegirl
    | Reply

    Can you do(or do you have) a video of this for trotting? With not using leg all the time? Thanks!! I jumped for the first time on a low pole this weekend twice! Felt great. I was hesitant to do it the 2nd time, but my instructor pushed me which I needed. It was fun!

  27. Zoe Haines
    | Reply

    This is very helpful advice, my pony is very forward in trot but somewhat unsure and sluggish in canter and often breaks out early. I think this would be good to put into practice for both of us so thank you Natasha 🙂

  28. Erika Land
    | Reply

    Can you please create a video about connection and specifically rein length and how to know how long to hold the reins at. Lots of people say to not have the horse behind the vertical and in your videos Gretchen looks behind the vertical a lot. Can you please explain? Very confused

  29. Jazzy Happy
    | Reply

    Can you do a video on cantering in your half seat PLZ

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