HotDog : Beagle vs. The Strange Liquid

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

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What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. RaveniusSFRJ
    | Reply

    @hypedlololol хахаха. Мы отправим помощь с этим собаками как только вы будете помочь нам. Надо изгонять нато и кфор из страны сербский. Извини за мой плохой русский, я только студент… 🙂

  2. hypedlololol
    | Reply

    @RaveniusSFRJ Da necego, ,no ocom ti imel vedu?
    Tut sovsem ne atom 😮

  3. JustinR19
    | Reply

    That’s one crazy bitch

  4. kazic284
    | Reply

    If it was vodka I don’t think the effect would be that instantaneous. It was just probably something the dog wasn’t used to like sparkling water.

  5. crgron
    | Reply

    lol the beginning looks like the tv news when the reporter goes on air like 3 2 1 NOW!

  6. n0ztic
    | Reply

    in the beginning the dog is like “are you recording?”

  7. ClocloTheKillerClone
    | Reply

    hours of entertainment.

  8. silvertimer
    | Reply

    You have obviously put inferior liquor in there. For God’s sake give him the good stuff you ass!

  9. jordanthewizard
    | Reply

    I can has vodka?

  10. darksoul2992
    | Reply

    lol so cute!!!

  11. TheColoroutofSpace
    | Reply

    Beagles be crazy.

  12. kandii88
    | Reply

    I bet it was vinegar

  13. FenderBenderHH
    | Reply

    there´s something in the water.

  14. IronIceniQueen
    | Reply

    @kazic284 You’re right. ‘Cuz I hear vodka is Russian for “little water”.

  15. IronIceniQueen
    | Reply

    BEAGLE: Oh boy water. *SLURP!* AHHGH! What the fuck is this shit?! Bleh! This isn’t water! WTF?!? *looks up at you* The hell you gave me, man, you fucked up ya know that! O_O

    LULZ! x3

  16. BatWeaselPresents
    | Reply

    Note: Vodka was the key for this video. I am serious.

  17. duskanger1
    | Reply

    oh hell nooo!

  18. duskanger1
    | Reply

    not even my dog gets that high lol

  19. sharkriup
    | Reply

    high dog is high

  20. st0oon
    | Reply


  21. lillk001
    | Reply

    What the hell is that liquid in the bowl? Salt water? Sparkling water? Vodka? :S

  22. Mkeffer13
    | Reply

    He’s like, “that liquid is out to get me, I know it!”

  23. SupaRman895
    | Reply

    that dog looked like it was trippin balls maybe it was acid

  24. Medalion
    | Reply

    I love the epic stare…y wud u do dis???

  25. AllTimeIsRelative
    | Reply

    Spaz Attack at 0:08 😀

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