Horse training tips: Handling your horse’s feet

Pat Parelli shares a couple of horse training tips and horse training methods. Many people struggle with picking up their horse’s feet, and using an understanding of horse psychology and behavior, and the Parelli Natural Horse Training methods, can help horse trainers with this! For more information on Horse Behavior, click here:

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18 Responses

  1. Maddie Faggart
    | Reply

    Dude ur muststash kills me it’s halareous

  2. xxibitsuxx
    | Reply

    I might try backing up a step, get him comfortable with you just rubbing on all his legs/feet without asking him to pick them up. Then ask him to just lift one slightly (do not hold it up), reward by retreating maybe giving him a treat. Progress from there with all four legs/feet, until you can hold each one up (drop it BEFORE he tries to pull away). If he is disrespectful and tries to bite or kick, send him away aggressively or back him up several steps, yield hind and fore quarters, try again.

  3. HorseyHow2Channel
    | Reply

    my new project horse hes a 6yr old qh gelding he has trust issues has been riden but im starting over with him from the ground up to gain respect etc but he hates his feet being touch he toarates his front feet up he does try to bit you but his back feet he tries to kick you and will let you get them up but the starts to fuzz i would like your advice

  4. candymilkshake
    | Reply

    My horse will not let me pick up his feet. He barges me walks off stamps it Down. He tried to kick me the other day. He so stupidly strong. Iv tried leaning up him everything. I can brush his legs fine stroke them down. He’s a big strong horse so it’s very difficult. Ivdone all the obvious so has anyone got any new ideas?

  5. HorseLoverDemos
    | Reply

    These videos are very helpful. thanks!

  6. akitaakita2
    | Reply

    have a vet check her she could have pain in this leg.

  7. Angie Worley
    | Reply

    My filly lifts her left front leg really well and lets me hold it, but she will not under any circumstance lift her right leg. How can I fix this? And also, I can touch her back legs, and she’ll lift them, but if I try to hold them she’ll kick out. I just got this filly about a month ago, and her feet were in good shape (meaning someone clearly cared for them and lifted them on a regular basis), so I want to know if I’m doing something wrong.
    Anyone have any advice?

  8. grace x
    | Reply

    This doesn’t work. I’ve tried in on my 3 horse and on others. I found it easier to just tap on there ankle.

  9. Ronnie Foreman
    | Reply

    Too cool… thx man! 🙂

  10. FromWishingDreams
    | Reply

    Oops, just realized that was months ago. O.o Real genius here.

  11. FromWishingDreams
    | Reply

    Right? And what if the horse kicks? or lashes out?

  12. FromWishingDreams
    | Reply

    lol He’s not picking his feet up because he wants to, he’s doing it because you manipulate him into it.

  13. spiritwoman45
    | Reply

    Thank you so very much

  14. ginabeardjames
    | Reply

    That’s great! I was taught to squeeze the tendons, and that doesn’t work well for my horse. I’ll definitely try the chestnut!

  15. ALEXandRA124356
    | Reply

    There’s a certain lesson horse at my stable that will lift up his front feet just fine, the left hind leg isn’t that easy but you can get it. It’s his right hind. What he’ll do is back up and pin you against the wall to kick you. I’ve already been kicked once and i don’t want to take the risk, but i also don’t want to leave that hoof behind. He’s a senior horse, but he started it around in December, and it’s now August, hes used in lessons so i don’t think it’s stiffness.
    Please help!

  16. lulubelleish
    | Reply


  17. gypsyhugh
    | Reply

    I will try this tomorow as my new horse is reluctant to pick up and keep up his feet!! I will let you know how it goes

  18. Mr4done
    | Reply

    That’s genious

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