Horse Training — Ground Manners
Would you like to train your horse some ground manners? This course module is going to show you how to have a wonderfully well behaved horse in no-time flat.!/ezhorsetraining to follow us on twitter to fan us on Facebook

Instilling appropriate ground manners is essential in horse training. First, positive attitude is very important. If you are in a bad mood, do not even think going near the round pen! Your horse will be able to pick up on that energy and it will interfere with your training.

With that being said, once you’re in the right state, these lessons are going to teach you ground manners techniques that will make your horse training experience oh-so-enjoyable.

For example, a relaxed horse will be much easier to train, so you should always want the animal to be comfortable when working with it. For example, when the horse’s head is lowered and the eyes are hooded, it indicates that the equine is generally at ease and composed. Otherwise, your horse is anxious and maybe fearful. If the latter is the case, take a step back and investigate why the animal is feeling that way.

In this lesson, you’ll discover horse training secrets such as how to instill respect and dominance, how to get your horse to respect you both on the ground and in the saddle, how to establish yourself as the ‘alpha’ character in the relationship, and more about how to read the ‘body language’ of your horse so that you can communicate with ease.

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14 Responses

  1. lori V
    | Reply

    My horse is Color is Cemello and the breed is paint.And she is 4 yrs old and she had some work done with her other owners right before i bought her. She was shy and scared and she was not use to humans.So i got her trust and everything and we have concations with each other.A lot of things with her right know,i'm putting weight on the saddle on' the side and saying good job for her she does very good with it.She is still onsure with it can you give me sometips for her.When i watch your videos with the white horse that you are using,that horse is almost just like my horse on just how she behave like that.If you can help me let will be great.

  2. iolitsa X
    | Reply

    Do horse like to pressure with my foot?it doesn't hurt,isn't it?

  3. Alicia Ingram
    | Reply

    I love your horses coat it's beautiful???

  4. Rebekah T
    | Reply

    Maybe give examples on how to stop horses with bad manors.

  5. Savina Batres
    | Reply

    that's good I love horses

  6. Sarah Henderson
    | Reply

    I recently got a Belgian draft and he is the most amazing animal and I am in love with him but his previous owners never ever took the time to teach him ground manners they always led him using a golf cart around the property. I was leading him out one day and he started running me very aggressively and I was like okay but he kept doing it and doing it and eventually smacked him and said no. I need help because HE KNOWS HES BIG AND HES VERY PUSHY ITS SCARY. When I feed him and just about knocks me down. He's 18 hands and I'm 5'3 if anyone has a solution I'll take it!!!

  7. Caroline Carlisle
    | Reply

    A pet peeve of mine is people making horse-training videos with EXTREMELY tame horses. I'm looking up videos to help with my work with a 4 year old OTTB not a sleeping school horse.

    | Reply

    Thank you!

  9. a frank
    | Reply

    thank you its going to help me

  10. Freedom Rider
    | Reply

    I usually use a stick and string when working with these horses because so many have gotten away with their pushiness and don't want to be told no. So I find myself actually drawing the circle around me (I am very visual) so I think a stick and string is very useful. It also can help keep you out of your horse's face (you can apply pressure without first stepping into their space yourself)

  11. james Davidson
    | Reply

    so wonderful an useful video..really appreciate. .my wife and I jus watched that together. .we have 2 Quarter Geldings. ..these things u talked about are truly important we think..Thx,Arkansas rednecks..peace!

  12. roguerader
    | Reply

    While she teaches ground manners, I would teach her bed manners ;-)

  13. Katy Buchanan
    | Reply

    I love your horse! So cute!

  14. Lope Lover
    | Reply

    Your horse looks like my horse?

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