Horse Blankets – Keep Your Horse Or Pony Warm During The Chilly Months

Horse Blankets – Keep Your Horse Or Pony Warm During The Chilly Months

By Adrian Whittle

As winter approaches, the drop in temperatures, especially at night, becomes more noticeable. You start turning the heating on. At home the central heating gets turned on early in the morning and then stays on throughout the day. Does this make you wonder how your horse or foal are getting on? Many stables have heating sources in the stable to keep horses warm but this is quite an expensive process because much of the heat is lost to the surrounds very quickly.

Horses, like most mammals, can react to their environments. They are blessed with a coat that can respond to the external temperature by either moulting, in summer, or thickening, in winter. The sign of a healthy horse is this ability to thicken its coat as winter approaches. In fact, before you consider a horse blanket, you should ensure that your horse is in good health, is properly nourished and is given the opportunity to exercise. If your horse is in this condition, in winter, the chances are that it will grow a thick coat and will be comfortable during the winter.

With that said, it also makes sense to buy a horse blanket for a number of reasons. Probably the most common need for a blanket is at night. The temperature drops to its lowest point and a horse is most probably inactive in a stable. This can cause the animal to get cold. A stable blanket is often useful in this case. A stable blanket is a heavy blanket that can provide warmth to the horse and is usually made from a coarse fabric that is a good insulator of heat. The blanket covers the back of the horse and reaches the crest of the horse and stops below the hock and knees. The horse’s body temperature is retained and keeps the horse warm.

Another useful horse blanket is the neck cover. The neck is the most exposed part of the animal. It has a light covering of hair and is lean of any fat so is likely to get cold. A neck cover protects the area up to the ears and to the point of the shoulder. It is usually used in conjunction with another blanket.

Other specialist blankets are exercise rugs and anti sweat blankets. These blankets are used on cold days when the horse is running. It allows the horse to retain heat and allow the muscles to warm up without strains or pulling. The blankets are made of a light fabric that allows the air to circulate throughout the blanket but retain heat at the same time.

Horse blankets can keep your horse warm and healthy during the winter months but there are a wide variety of blankets available. Be sure to select the correct blanket for your horse by assessing its needs.

Adrian Whittle is a writer for Be sure to visit the site for more advice on selecting the right horse blanket for your animal. The site offers advice and tips on a wide variety of blankets, including beach blankets

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