Honor Earth Day with Your Pet

Spencer Bernal This year the world will be celebrating the 40th Earth Day on Thursday, April 22. The Earth Day Network will be hosting a climate bill rally in Washington, D.C. on Sunday, April 25, but if campaigning for a better world isn’t the way you wish to honor Earth Day, you can plan something more laid back for you and your pet.

One way to celebrate nature is to make a promise to be a more eco-friendly pet owner. You can start small by vowing to buy pet toys made from sustainable materials and maybe even switch your pet over to an organic and natural diet. A bigger step would be to start a compost bin for your pet’s waste in the backyard. You already have to pick up your dog’s waste, so why not walk it over to the compost bin instead of the garbage can? The compost can be used to fertilize the ornamental plants around your home.

You can also plan a social gathering with other dog owners and get together for a dog park clean-up picnic. Set it up as a vegetarian or vegan potluck so you can enjoy cruelty-free, organic foods after a hard day’s work of picking up litter. This is a fun way to get you and your pet active and in the fresh air.

If you and your pet are shopaholics, take some friends out for a day of green shopping. Try looking for pet cleaners that are safe and non-toxic as well as sustainable and bow-wow approved fashions. Remember, all year is flea season, but it’s especially true for the spring and summer, so if you haven’t taken the steps to protect your dog or cat, invest in a natural flea control system. It’s also beneficial to have on hand some biodegradable shampoos to keep your pet’s coat clean, silky and shiny.

Opening yourself up to green living will reveal a world of products and accessories that will keep your pet and the environment healthy and happy.

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