Helpful Tips to Care for an Allergic Pet

Helpful Tips to Care for an Allergic Pet

By Mike Steele

As any allergy sufferer can attest, allergies can make you feel downright miserable. The same goes for pets. Should you and your Vet discover your pooch has allergies, there are several things you can do from home, to help ensure your dog stays as comfortable as possible.

Stratching or chewing are not only possible signs your dog has allergies, but they are also two of the fastest ways your dog can make matters worse.

Proper grooming along with a premium diet and supplementation should help alleviate some of the problems brought on by allergies. Below are a few other measures you may take to insure your pet is healthy and comfortable:

1. Use stainless steel pet dishes. Easy to sterilize and clean, stainless steel when kept well will ensure your pet is less likely to be exposed to harmful bacteria or other elements that may intensify or add to their discomfort.

2. Wash your dog’s bedding in pet sensitive detergents such as Nature’s Miracle.

3. Bathe your pet with shampoos to remove debris and build-up as well as to relieve some of the symptoms associated with allergies. A few of these shampoos would be:

o Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo for sensitive, allergy-prone skin.
o Oatmeal Shampoo which helps soothe dry, itchy and irritated skin caused by flea bites, allergies and other irritants.
o Soothing Shampoo helps restore the skin’s natural moisture while relieving dry, itchy & flaky skin.
o Medicated Shampoo combats many types of dermatitis and also helps heal damage caused by scratching.

4. Use Bio-Groom Lido Med Gel or Biocaine Lotion relieve itchy, inflamed skin.

5. Gently groom your pet regularly. This will aid in the dispersal of essential oils within their coat, as well as eliminate mats and tangles which can further add to irritation.

6. If you happen to know which allergen(s) cause trouble for your pet, do your best to eliminate and/or limit their exposure to such things.

7. Supplement your dog with an Omega-3 fatty acid such as Linatone Plus For Dogs to help improve the appearance and overall health of their skin & coat.

Remember, often many preventative steps need to be taken to insure your dog’s allergies don’t affect them as dramatically. You may need to experiment, especially if you cannot find one “tried and true” way to help alleviate your dogs condition. Sometimes previously successful methods may not work as well. Be sure to be patient and loving because these two things go a long way when your pooch is feeling down!

Mike Steele

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