Help The Animal Shelter 2: Dog Problems 1 – Ear Infections

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Watch another video in my “Help The Animal Shelter Special”. In this video, I demonstrate how to easily treat dog ear infections at home.

What do you think?

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11 Responses

  1. Sekter12
    | Reply

    thank you very much i didnt know what to do when i noticed my dog scratching alot. very helpful information.

  2. warriornoble
    | Reply

    what kind of oil with the garlic? and can you spell the 3rd item thanks very helpful

  3. tololl
    | Reply

    Thank u for this!
    I’m sorry about i can understand all the word that u say, my english is shool poor in Italy
    In this video i’ve understand quite all, i’ ve understand oil & garlic (not what kind of oil olive extravergine think is good), i’ve understand the cream at calendula but don’t understand the first that u do understand to put it in a little bottle for put it into ear, but really don’t understand what is it!
    Thank u, i hope u ore someone can help me to understand
    A Big Thank for ure job

  4. monroe444
    | Reply

    Thank you Dr. Jones! I treat ear infections with colloidal silver, but I’ve now added my own version of calendula oil that I make:

    organic, extra virgin coconut oil
    dried calendula (from herbal shop)
    chopped garlic

    I let these sit in the coconut oil for a few weeks & then strain. Coconut oil has anti fungal properties and is very soothing.


  5. monroe444
    | Reply

    Also, my dog’s last ear infection moved to the outer ear, and the vitamin shop lady gave me a bar of tea tree oil soap to wash it with and that seemed to stop the infection immediately.

    If you need calendula immediately, just make a tea (let it cool) and apply with cotton balls.

    Instead of the water/apple cider vinegar mixture, I’ve been using a saline solution to clean my dogs’ ears with – would you please comment on that? Almost all of our dogs have that brown gunk in their ears.

  6. Dreamtime999
    | Reply

    Thank you Dr. Jones for your information on ear infections.

  7. meimdd
    | Reply

    ‘in the little bottle was 50% apple cider vinegar 50% water

  8. staffyluver
    | Reply

    Thank u Dr andrew Jones much appreciated. I receive your emails thanx so much. I wish I knew of you when we had our other dog who had a skin and ear infection and sadly died aged 12 of breathing problems.

  9. BrooklynToyMuseum1
    | Reply

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  10. kylescotternest
    | Reply

    please help. i cant take my dog to the vet no money:( she started itching her belly and ear her belly is now bright red almost blood red. and she has small black bumps in both ears but in 1 ear she has 2 big brown spots side by side. i dont no how to what the problem is. my dig is a weener,pincher. shes got those long floppy hound ears. please help her.

  11. anianaaa
    | Reply

    @kylescotternest I think she may be allergic

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