HELLO budgie how to training parrot and Budgerigar Easy speech training 1 HOURS

speak to bird videos Is useful? Turkish canal review
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How to teach your budgie to talk?, How to Train Your Bird to Talk?, , How to make a parrot talk?, How to teach your pet bird to talk?, teach your bird to say, Parrot and budgerigar fast speech training, How to Train Your Bird to Talk?, budgie how to training?, How To Teach Your Parakeet To Talk? how to parrot speak?
How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk? parrot and Budgerigar Easy speech training, Teach your bird names, parrot and budgie talk training, How I trained my budgies to talk, how much are the talking parrots
How to Teach Your Bird to Talk easy learning
How To Teach Your budgie To Talk
How to Train Your Parrot to Talk
YouTube kanalı: speak to bird

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D

21 Responses

  1. Toys and Shami
    | Reply

    My Budgie Dixie is starting to chirp and it sounds like hello and he is a male so he will learn but on the other hand I have the female budgie named pixie and she is looking at Dixie like he is an idiot 😂

  2. mona doost
    | Reply

    That did not work with my bird 👿

  3. Charlotte Ilievski
    | Reply

    My budgie Stormy started to say it the second time I played the video

  4. SH Saad
    | Reply

    after how many days my budgie can tell it?

  5. Onesie Fortnite
    | Reply

    My budgie startes to say shut up after this video

  6. Yandere
    | Reply

    this is kind of creepy

  7. Hudson rivera
    | Reply

    My bird gonzo is starting to chirp and it kinda sounds like hi not hello lol

    | Reply

    It does not work when i put my i phone in the cage he poo 😱😱 on it

  9. dark star
    | Reply

    I left my phone on the cage and my bird bought a pen and turned off my wifi

  10. Little Jelly Mouse AJ
    | Reply

    now my budgie is always saying pillow pillooow PILLOW

  11. Jahanara Burki
    | Reply

    My bird tried to throw my iPod off his cage.


  12. Peep
    | Reply

    is it true that it works cuz im trying it on my new birbs

  13. Lissa Silbernagel
    | Reply

    Hello again

  14. yeetis vagitus
    | Reply

    My green cheek conure, honey started to chirp in a way that kind of sounded like "hello"

  15. BUD MSP
    | Reply

    It didn’t work for my budgie I was so exited for lemon to say hello but it didn’t work 🙁

  16. санс тв
    | Reply

    Черепе её её её её её Кёппена

  17. Guntagi ***
    | Reply

    Which is best
    With BG

  18. Evil Eye
    | Reply

    He almost got it

  19. Swirlysnowflake AJ
    | Reply

    Great video! I'm using this to teach my bird Kiwi how to talk . So far he can only say Kiwi.
    P.S. thanks for commenting on my video Kiwi the cockatiel My channel is called Kiera Maben.I liked (thumbs up) your comment! Again,thanks for commenting! 🙂

  20. challenge by bina
    | Reply

    That was useful they were Chirping right when it started

  21. Michael Castillo
    | Reply

    this was helpful

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