"hello" boy, child sound parrot how to training parrot and Budgerigar Easy talking training

How to teach your budgie to talk?, How to Train Your Bird to Talk?, , How to make a parrot talk?, How to teach your pet bird to talk?, teach your bird to say, Parrot and budgerigar fast speech training, How to Train Your Bird to Talk?, budgie how to training?, How To Teach Your Parakeet To Talk? how to parrot speak?
How To Teach Your Budgie To Talk? parrot and Budgerigar Easy speech training, Teach your bird names, parrot and budgie talk training, How I trained my budgies to talk, how much are the talking parrots, teach your bird to talk

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11 Responses

  1. Ranjit Jana
    | Reply

    নুতন নুতন video পাঠান

    | Reply

    My birds do t talk when ever I play this video they start to make noises but not trying to talk

  3. Wankerz
    | Reply

    Does this work for a 16 week old budgie?

  4. Aizel Vlogs
    | Reply

    i realy want to make my budgie talk but why it didnt work

  5. Vanessa Pierre
    | Reply

    Excatly how long to take ur parrot to talk

  6. Pebbl es
    | Reply

    Now my bird knows how to talk! Thank you so much! 🙂

  7. Jenna the Budgie
    | Reply

    Can my budgies talk with 5-6 months?I want to teach they to say hello, I love you, and Denny & Jenny

  8. Gewk Aj
    | Reply

    We have three Parakeet's too. One out of the three can talk. His name is Jingle. He says step up, give me a kiss, my name(which I will not say), Crystal,(which is my girl parakeet), and this sentence is weird: Scooter (my dog ) licks butt! We still have been working on it though.

    | Reply

    I love it! I just adopted a new baby parakeet this Christmas and his name is NOEL 🙂 https://youtu.be/N-ppHU1dexs

  10. Gewk Aj
    | Reply

    My birds already know how to say hello! We teach one to say step up, give me a kiss, and random words!

  11. Schleich horse lover cusins
    | Reply

    Great job i love it this is great for teaching my new bird how to talks because the other one knows how to but my new bird does not so i will teach my new bird how to say Hello thank you so so so much

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