Heat Stroke In Dogs And Pets – Revisited

We’ve been having a HEAT WAVE here in Winnipeg …

It’s important to watch out for “the little ones” because they can’t. Please help them keep cool and safe! Here are a few links from our archives …

Heat Stroke In Dogs And Pets

What You Need To Carry When Travelling With Your Dog

On The Road With Your Dog

On The Road With Your Cat

Do Your Pets Like Swimming As Much As Our Dogs?

Here is a picture of Maxxie and Sophie at the cottage .. It’s Lake Winnipeg, so some mornings there is a sandy beach and other mornings it looks like this .. no beach! Maxxie doesn’t care though … he just loves to crawl down to the lake and go for a dip, and when we go swimming he jumps right in and joins us! I was waddling in the water to take a photo of the beach when he jumped in and started to swim out to me! It was about 33c at the time, no wind .. no clouds .. hot .. and perfect for a swim!

Sophie? Well, she enjoys being cool. I’m not sure she likes to BE wet .. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like to GET wet .. but we think she appreciates the opportunities to cool off by walking in the water .. when there’s a beach. We usually have to carry her out about 15-20 feet .. and let her swim to shore. She’s a great little swimmer with her head up high .. but, all dogs can usually swim quite well.

You can click on the picture for a much larger view, if you wanted to.

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