Health-o-meter HDC100KD-01 Grow with Me Baby and Toddler Scale

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The Health-o-meter Grow With Me Baby and Toddler Scale converts from infant tray style to traditional foot platform to adjust to your child’s growth. Includes The Healthy Growth Baby Book and Growth Chart to help you monitor and track your child’s weight and height compared to national averages.The Health-o-Meter HDC100-01 “Grow with Me” Teddy Bear Scale is a first-of-its kind consumer baby and toddler scale. As your child grows, the scale easily converts from a tray to a platform, making this a versatile and cost-effective device for weighing your child as he develops from a newborn to a toddler.

Use the Teddy Bear Scale to weigh your baby or toddler. View larger.

Remove the tray to weigh your child in a standing position. View larger.

Large 1.2-inch LCD display. View larger.

The large, easy-to-read 1.2-inch LCD display is front-facing so reading the weight is a breeze. Also, for added accuracy with small children, the scale weighs in half-pound increments up to 60 pounds. Calibration is a snap with a “zero out” feature that allows you to adjust for the weight of clothing or a diaper. This scale is powered by a replaceable nine-volt battery (not included), includes a growth chart to track height and weight against national averages, and it is backed by a five-year limited warranty.

Operating the Scale
Place the scale on flat, level surface. A hard surface, such as a tile or linoleum floor, is the best for maximum accuracy. If the scale is placed on a soft, deep rug, then it may not produce accurate results. Once the scale is placed on an appropriate surface, press On/Off and wait for the display to show zeros. If the display shows “0:0”, the scale is set to pounds/ounces; if the display shows “0.00” the scale is set to kilograms/grams. Press the lb/kg button to select between pounds or kilograms.

The scale can be operated with or without the tray. When using the tray, make sure that it is securely locked into place before placing your baby on the scale. Simply lay your baby on the tray and read the display. To use the scale without the tray, you’ll need to remove the tray by turning the locking nut clockwise. The tray is replaced by four rubber plugs and a supplied plastic cover tab. Once the cover is in place, hold your baby upright on the scale, and place the baby’s feet so that the weight is evenly distributed. Of course, everyone knows that a baby rarely holds still. Health o Meter has an answer. If your child is moving, press the “Hold” button to lock in the correct weight. This function displays the baby’s average weight for the time period.

What’s in the Box
HDC100-01 baby and toddler scale, growth chart, and warranty.

Product Features

  • 2 in 1 scale accurately measures weight from newborn to toddler
  • Includes growth chart to track height and weight
  • Large 1.2 inch digital LCD display
  • Accurately measures weight up to 60 lbs
  • Weighs in increments of 0.5 ounces up to 60 pounds

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3 Responses

  1. Gadgester "No Time, No Money"
    | Reply

    This is a really good scale I agree with the others: this is really a great scale for weighing babies and pets.First of all, it’s very accurate. Of course, as with all digital scales, if you put the weight on and then take it off and then put it back on again, you won’t get the exact same reading twice. It’s just the nature of digital scales (somethign to do with variations in the inductive current). But with this scale the variations are small.Two features really make this stand out: the hold feature and the zero-out feature.”Hold” allows you to weigh a baby or pet that moves around a lot. When the subject moves in the tray, the scale will register different weight readings (because the point of impact changes). By pressing the Hold button, the scale takes an average of its readings over the course of a couple seconds. This average is usually more representative of the subject’s true weight. This is just a great feature, as any parent or pet owner can attest.The Zero-Out feature is great for weighing babies. Babies wear diapers. Also, when you weigh a baby, you shuold put a blanket on teh tray because the plastic tray is hard and cold. After you put a blanket and a diaper on the tray, press the Zero Out button and the scale resets the 0 point so when you weigh the baby, his or her true weight will show up on the LCD. This saves you the hassle of having to subtract the blanket-cum-diaper weight yourself. This even allows you to weigh the baby with clothing on; just pre-weigh and zero out the extra weight first.I love this scale. I just hope it lasts for a long time. BTW it’s good for weight up to 60 lbs. As the baby grows into a child, just remove the tray (held by a single screw) and the child can stand on the scale.

  2. H. W. Simpkins
    | Reply

    Scale used for weighing cats I don’t know about babies but this scale works very well for weighing large cats, some of whom are interested in going somewere else. The reading will shift around a little as the cat moves and the feature to lock the reading is very helpful. Compared to a kitchen scale that reads in 5 gram increments, it appears to be accurate. The scale seems solidly built. I haven’t had it long enough to talk about long term durability.

  3. ShoppingQueen
    | Reply

    AWESOME INFANT SCALE! HAPPY AFTER MUCH TREPIDATION! So far we are very, very happy with this scale! For the last couple of months I had been shopping around for a scale to check our infant son’s weight on a monthly basis. I was looking for a good quality item, with reliable calibration at a decent price ($75-$150). It took me a while to make this purchase for two main reasons. First, most of the scale reviews for these types of scales were from people who used them to weigh their animals, not babies, and I personally did not feel they were helpful for my needs. Secondly, some of the negative reviews, especially those noting very inaccurate readings, poor quality, bad customer service, horrible packaging, etc., made me nervous about making a purchase. Well, this scale came very well packaged, in a brand new retail box with directions and best of all, IT WORKS VERY WELL! After setting it up with a 9 volt battery and before weighing our son, I tested it by weighing a 3 lb. bag of apples, a 1 lb. bag of rice and a 5 lb. bag of bananas and all of the weights were correctly calculated. I weighed my son 3 times and the weight calculations were the same each time. The “hold” feature, which calculates an average weight when your baby is moving around, is very useful and the “Zero out” feature, which allows you to put a blanket down and then zero out the weight of the blanket so that you just get your baby’s weight is AWESOME!We are very happy with this purchase especially because we were so nervous about it. The quality of this scale is excellent, the size is really nice because it is not huge or heavy–keep the box to store it!–and it does its job when it comes to accurate weights. This is a great scale for someone who wants to track the weight of their baby/toddler or track how much they are getting in a feeding (even down to the half ounce!). It can be used up to 60 lbs. and once you no longer need the weighing tray, you can remove it so that your kiddo can just use it as a regular scale. I wish I would have purchased this sooner! One last thing, another plus is that this scale is sold and shipped directly by Amazon so if you have any issues you just have to deal with Amazon and not a third party seller. This is a great product you will LOVE IT!

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