Health & Fitness Tips, OOTD, New Puppy

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

My health & fitness tips, Outfit of the day, and my sis-in-law’s new puppy! CRAZY long video…. I know! But seriously, LOTS of things are combined in this one video. Hope you guys enjoy! 🙂 Become a fan! My Facebook page: Vote for Gucci in the Bissel MVP contest! If he wins, my sis wins a large donation to the pet charity of her choice and Gucci’s picture will be on a Bissel box! Subscribe to my main channel: /MakeupByTiffanyD Follow me on twitter for daily updates, pictures, and announcements: Get my favorite makeup brushes here: My stuff: Necklace: Tiffany & Co sterling bar longer Necklace: J. Crew Earrings: Tacori Gold beaded bracelet : It’s old :/ I have no idea Gold bracelet: Guess *This video was not sponsored by any brands mentioned

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. starsandrockets16
    | Reply


  2. Betinhaac
    | Reply

    I totally agree with you about the diet and eating habits!!!!! Finally someone normal with common sense!!!!!! You always see these girls on diets and depriving themselves from this and that… and I completely agree with you. Just don’t eat it everyday! Just use your common sense. Don’t be scared of food! And a McDonalds meal once in a while won’t kill anyone!!!! Thanks for the great video!!! Everyone should watch it!!! Moderation is the KEY! 😉

  3. onecoolplatypus
    | Reply

    i want to steal her puppy! its so fluffy im gonna die!!! 😀

  4. marciaeferguson
    | Reply

    Nicely done 🙂

  5. Oakcliffsweety
    | Reply

    We totally snack about the same and like the same weird things…but I’m way bigger but I have a portion control problem. Or rather had for some reason my appetite has changed, does that happen to anyone else other than me from time to time? Is it a female thing or what?

  6. baaasienkaaa
    | Reply

    how old are you?

  7. allanna27
    | Reply


  8. purpley21
    | Reply

    wat breed of dog is it?

  9. coracouture
    | Reply

    if you like whole wheat bread, try whole wheat pasta, it’s soo good!

  10. jaymejamjar
    | Reply

    Great advice, but 5lb weights will NOT cause you to bulk up. So many girls are afraid of looking manly. I lift weights 4 times a week and I am not bulky. I also lift heavy. The people you see who are bulky are often fitness competitiors and spend 4 hours a day in the gym and dehydrate themselves for competitions. Often when you see them in real life they look like normal people, just very fit!

    So don’t be afraid to use heavier dumbells and more often!

  11. beautelii
    | Reply

    awwww puuuuppy is so cute!! 🙂

  12. princesscj1989
    | Reply

    I think the only person I know that eats the same thing everyday is my hubby, the only day he changes is one meal on a sunday, he’s been doing it for 3 years, he does bodybuilding. I love frosted flakes 🙂 yum, It’s self control with food with me lol. One thing I dont eat is fries I only have them like once a month 🙂 great video. Love the waterfall effect vest, very nice 🙂 is that a husky? its adorable awwww puppy 🙂 xoxo cj

  13. wgossard26
    | Reply

    I love this video..I agree that people don’t realize how much control they really have. its almost easier to fat healthy cause in your head you know what’s good and not. I think people just get lazy and don’t care, and that’s why there are so many people with weight issues

  14. CountingCassie
    | Reply

    Another good snack is snap or sugar peas. They are really good and they are really good for you! They have a naturally sweet flavor and are super easy to take anywhere or just reach into the fridge and get.

  15. cari48038
    | Reply

    Chobani is the best!!!

  16. cari48038
    | Reply

    @egocentress If I ate an Oreo I would feel myself gaining weight lol. My body can’t handle stuff like that. I haven’t had fast food in YEARS and don’t eat junk or drink pop, and I don’t drink alcohol often. A lot of this is genetic also…

  17. 133anne
    | Reply


    there’s exceptions for everything right…i’m a girl and ‘bulky’ (for a girl) and i don’t even lift weights ^^

  18. 133anne
    | Reply

    some ppl do have to “stop themselves” and that’s why dieting makes life miserable. some ppl are forced to eat only things they hate. you’re lucky that the things you like to eat don’t make you fat. thx for sharing =)

  19. DomoCinnamon
    | Reply


  20. mawa1117
    | Reply

    This is such a great video! Funny though because i do eat the same thing every day!! Been doing my whole life!!

  21. cheergirlielol
    | Reply

    where do you work if you dont mind me asking? 🙂

  22. pancakesNbakon
    | Reply

    you really must have a good metabolism. like i could never let myself eat a cupcake, or snack on chips. i’ll gain weight right away. it’s depressing … :/

  23. LovingTheRawLife
    | Reply

    @33KB83 I’ll start by responding to my spelling. I left of the s? Is this what you speak of? Well, I do not spend all day on youtube. It’s late when I respond to or watch videos, so forgive me if I leave a letter off or spell something incorrectly. Yes, I am an Issa International Sports and Sciences Asso. Cert. Trainer as well as ACE cert. I also have my degree in Criminal Justice from Mercy College. So, I promise you, I do know how to spell.

  24. LovingTheRawLife
    | Reply

    @33KB83 With regards to making a comment, if you look on the lower right hand side where you select post comment, i think that means i can comment. I do not see anything wrong with my statement, I love this channel, and I have a right to my opinion, as do you. However, do not question me. You’re trying to make a personal stab at me and you don’t know me. I love how people hide behind their computer screens to bash others. So sad. I hope you find other ways to tie up your time.

  25. LovingTheRawLife
    | Reply

    I would love for everyone to check out rawkarmacravings new channel here on youtube, as well as Mahanomi, and itsahaighrawlife. I know of others but it’s so late. Away good luck to everyone on their journey to a healthy lifestyle even you @33KB83

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