Happy 1st Birthday – PetLvr.com – [The Blog]

PetLvr.com – [The Blog] Is 1-Year Old Today!

Here are some songs that you can play while you are reading this post … There’s something for everybody!

* The Arrogant Worms – The Happy Birthday Song

* The Beatles – Birthday

* Patsy Cline – Happy Birthday, Baby

* Sugarcubes – Birthday

* Uriah Heep – The Magician’s Birthday

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New Feature Added To [The Blog]

I have added to the code in our sidebar and template that displays POSTS that were made here at PetLvr.com – [The Blog] one year ago in our archives .. now that there is a year’s worth of posts!

Actually, this entry is Post #1449 so we have averaged approximately 4.12 posts a day, or 120.75 posts per month.

According to my records, the next comment at this particular moment in history, will be Comment #4394 … although, readers tend to NOT leave comments here in this blog, as much as I hope there is some communication with our readers. I think there might be about 100-200 valid comments around these pages .. and the rest of the sequence of comment numbers were used when I received SPAM comments. I deleted these comments, and have installed two plugins to help beat these spam comments, but occassionally a few get through.

As for our “Time Capsule” of posted entries 1-year ago .. I have also included the code in our main template, and you will see the same posts lingering on and on after each day of entries in our blog. At this time, I’m not really sure if ALL of them will remain to be the same list of posts 1-year from the current date .. or, if they will remain and archive with the newer posts as time goes by. It’s hard to tell – without history prior to May 31, 2005.

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And Speaking Of History …

My first post is .. http://www.petlvr.com/blog/2005/05/greetings-earthlings/ … on May 31, 2005 … where I said ..

It is May 31, 2005 and I’ve finally decided to add a Blog to our website. From my past experience of blogs, I can honestly say I have not been a fan of them. I can’t understand why people have them. I can’t understand why people read them. And I can’t understand why businesses would want to include them in their websites!

But, I have decided that it is now time to change the world as we know it. I will create not only the most unique Blog in the world, it will also be the most creative, funny and yet, informative Blog ever achieved in existence!
“First ze internet .. zen ze vorld!!

This week was a sad week for us. While we celebrate one year anniversary of this blog (and my blogging in general), there was a death in the family on Friday May 26, 2006 (my wife’s mother passed away). As such, I have yet to analyze how or what this blog has accomplished over the last year, or pieced together the statistics. I will try to do that later this month in my other blog .. 1-800-HART… I know that I might need a little update soon, but pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about blogging and this blog in particular, can be found in our “ABOUT” page, which can be accessed at the top left. In the meantime, I have one more day of duties and will be back full-time around the blogs on Friday – For Sure! 🙂

I started with this blog on May 31, 2005 using Blogger … the address was http://PetLvr.blogspot.com/ … but migrated to my own servers on July 8, 2005 to our current address. While it was mostly for our two Papillons and pets, I moved all the pictures out and kept the pet pictures separate in its own blog .. PapillonLvr.com – Blog.

I also started a few other sites, and also created my “quote” Business Blog “unquote” at 1-800-HART. It’s kind of a weird site, as I was using it as my personal blog and trying not to let my business client’s find out about it. (Oh! The irony!) It’s more for letting me give back to the world some of the stuff I know how to do well, and branch out from my off-line business to possible new online businesses. I’ve been fortunate, that my offline businesses has been keeping me quite busy, so sometimes that blog might seem all over the place. One thing is for sure .. I hope to get all my friggin bookmarks over under the HART’s Bookmarks Category! (lots of neat things .. check it out!)

Naturally, since my wedding and family website has been online since our marriage, I converted that site into a blog as well over at HARTandYVONNE.com, and made it even bigger than it ever was! There are almost 1100 pictures online (including 100% of our wedding pictures), and about 500 MB of video files (a lot from our wedding). We were married in a Medieval Themed wedding ceremony on August 31, 2002 – but, I hope to keep the site for everything we do personally together in our life, besides reminiscing of times gone past .. like, our major Condo renovations, our Vacations, and stuff like that!

This blog was created in the format of a “Group” Blog, meaning that I was hoping there would be continuous contributions of articles from co-contributors of content. It was going well in the early months, but pretty much after last summer of 2005, with the generally wide acceptance of wordpress, and blogging in general .. everybody and anybody could start their own blog. I just guess that it is not that appealing to co-write a blog anymore .. without asking .. “What’s in it for me?”.

I have always believed (having dogs all my life) .. that nobody knows everything about animals. If someone says they do – they’re lying! That was the basis of how this blog was built. I wanted an “Encyclopedia” type of database, where, besides the current blogging and discussions and mention of items in the news .. anybody can search our archives and look for information with ease. If you wanted to find information about stopping dogs from barking – I want you to find at least ten different ways and techniques and suggestions how to stop your dog from barking! Maybe one will help you find what you are looking for. Maybe not. There are a lot of articles posted in here that are free articles from guest writers, who genuinely want to help people and provide free information. They usually request that links back to their sites are done in the free articles, and I encourage you to click on them to further your quest for information about animals that you cannot find here at PetLvr.com.

I have tried to create a community growth spirit with this site, and I probably should advertise or promote these a little more, because .. well, not many people know that:

* Yes – we have a Forum!
* Yes – you can send FREE Greeting E-Cards from here!
* Yes – You can upload pictures and toss it into our Pet Gallery!
* Yes – everybody is free to add ANY PET RELATED EVENT into our Pet Calendar for all to see!
* And More!

If you are still listening to the music .. How was it? 🙂 I hope you enjoyed some of the songs … I think, before I close that I should take this opportunity to add:

* If you want to join our team and Co-Contribute articles about pet related articles, please get in touch with me … hart (at) PetLvr (dot) com .. and read our “WANTED” button at the top of the page. Pretty much all you have to do is write the occassional pet related article, or news story and you have the run of this blog to place links back to your site in each post .. plus I’ll add some links around the sidebar and in our Links page.

* If you want to join the HART-Empire Network of blogs, please refer to the website linked. Pretty much, all you have to do is place the entire Network code in your sidebar.

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