Happiest Dog Ever Welcomes Home Soldier Dad

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!


YouTube Description

Happiest Dog Ever Welcomes Home Soldier Dad by Rose Martelli (Subscribe to Rose Martelli’s posts) Nov 17th 2009 @ 6:00PM Filed Under: Dogs, Pets News, Loss of a Pet, Funny Animal Videos An American soldier’s return from Afghanistan, taped in 2005 by his wife, has suddenly become a viral-video sensation — thanks to the welcome-home yelps his elated dog, Gracie, gave upon seeing him again for the first time. The video only recently became a YouTube sensation after it was included in a Veterans Day video montage. In the home video, then-Lieutenant Andrew Schmidt of the West Virginia Air National Guard, dressed in fatigues, is coming back from a five-month tour in Afghanistan. But he can’t get past the sidewalk in front of his Springfield, Virginia house before Gracie, then a two-year-old golden retriever, bolts forth from the front door. Earlier this week, Andrew Schmidt told The Today Show, “We’re really close. You know, dogs get to be like your kids. The truth is, I missed all my family, and when I got off that plane I was home — a little bit. And then when I drove down the street and looked out the window, I was home a little bit more. But I knew when that door opened and she came running out, I felt like I was finally at home.” Six-year-old Gracie, a golden retriever, is seen jumping into the lap of her beloved master Lieutenant Andrew Schmidt, rolling over and wriggling in joy after he returned safely to his home .. Read The Full Story on link

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. debbiedeane1
    | Reply

    welcome home and thank you for my freedom, my brother served in vietnam and they didnt have homecomings for them so i am greatful they are doing it for all of you. thanks again to you and your family and gracie… debbie

  2. chase1953
    | Reply

    when my dad is gone my dog is a diffrent dog lol

  3. Nikken11
    | Reply

    @EnglishNowTV Damn.. i feel for you man.. i can never forget the day my dog died ..

  4. yehuda364
    | Reply

    What a sexy dog, very fuckable.

  5. xAceCIPHERx032x
    | Reply

    lol but its still weird.

  6. NnGcorp
    | Reply

    Wife:your home!!! *goes to give him a hug*
    soldier:oh fuck you where the hell is my dog?

  7. Hissmannen
    | Reply

    @yehuda364 What a sane thing to say 🙂

  8. circesprophecy
    | Reply

    @ltschmidt02 welcome back mate, I’m due out in 3 months for my first tour with the Brits! Sort of looking forward to it but also sort of scared shitless, I’m not going to lie!

    hope my big white golden retriever gives me a welcome home like that!!!

  9. rDarkWarrior
    | Reply

    Uh oh 🙁 hes going back to Irap :(…Wonder how Gracie will act when he comes back..AGAIN

  10. Poncho389
    | Reply

    @circesprophecy Be safe and God Bless. I hope you and all our great troops and the troops of our great ally Great Britian come home soon!

  11. 84WAKEUP
    | Reply

    wow dogs r more loyal then humans

  12. xenniex2
    | Reply

    This is news?

  13. idsman75
    | Reply

    @NnGcorp Apparently you don’t know the whole story. She met him at the airport.

  14. NnGcorp
    | Reply

    @idsman75 apparently you dont know i was just messing around.

  15. Hobokenbloke
    | Reply

    when all your chips are down and your so called friends have come and gone in the end its your dog that will show you the loyalty and love that comes from a true heart. It’s not a friendship but a bond we humans often take for granted. I only wish people could understand this before they decide to harm an animal that would otherwise love you unconditionally regardless of your race or religion.

  16. BlueEyedSoul21
    | Reply

    @ltschmidt02 Thanks! We are half way there… six months down, six to go. At least he will come home on leave at some point. When you only have a five or six month tour do you still get leave?

  17. halogamingcommunity
    | Reply

    the guy sounds like Red of Pineapple express

  18. ImBarelyHangingOn
    | Reply

    Why is she holding her child like that o.o

  19. kayakbruce1
    | Reply

    @Hobokenbloke well said, I have seen brave dogs fight grizzly bears up here in Alska. Get killed too.

  20. meenksellaan1
    | Reply

    The kids likes standing up, that is why the mother is holding him like that.

    | Reply

    Thank You for serving!!

  22. PRAY1337
    | Reply

    Springfield, Where is Bart and Lisa ?:D

  23. MrHunkyjunky
    | Reply

    I started crying when watching this

  24. STARTproductions
    | Reply

    The kid wanted to stand and not sit.
    My little baby brother is like that.

  25. pupcake1999
    | Reply

    Aw so cute

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