HamsterFacts: How to stop your Hamster from biting you- 10 simple ways!

These 10 simple ways can help you and your hamster have the perfect life, instead of being enemies! Dont panic if he/she does bite you and definatly dont scr…

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39 Responses

  1. Larry Ripple
    | Reply

    if u put the cage in the bath tub he can trust me i have a robo dwarf and he is super super fast oh and p.s. this is my brothers account

  2. Jessica Farado
    | Reply

    you cant let a dwarf hamster out of the cage

  3. Murat Sandallı
    | Reply

    strange logic. do you really belive they’re really stupid ? i mean hamsters. smell of food will remain especially if you eat chicken or fish. even though i wash my hands with soap, i can still smell the food so think about the hamsters. my hamster knows my soap and my hand so it doesn’t matter if i wash it with soap or it’s just my smell of hand. (of course i wash my hands if i eat something)

  4. Nashezbaern0n
    | Reply

    Wrong from step 1.

    If you wash your hands with soap, your hands will smell of soap for a while no matter how good you wash them, and it’s displeasant for the hamster.

    Wash your hands well with just water.

  5. Carlo Macazo
    | Reply

    and also my hamster is always pooping anywhere

  6. Carlo Macazo
    | Reply

    what can i do because my hamster always eats everything made of paper of some grasses?

  7. skinny jason
    | Reply

    my hamster licks me all the time and it just started biteing me :c im bumed out now cuz i baught a bad hamster. had it for half a year now and it still wont let me go near it. its crazy hard to try and get it out of the cage to clean it. it eats treats out of my hand but im never gonna make any progress. i been taming and taming it but all the taming just made it fat. i cant return it. i just want a friendly pet but i guess i cant have that unless i get a smelly fish :c bleh

  8. coolcatjuice
    | Reply

    Maybe its because you did something when you picked him up before which he really didnt like and now everytime you try and put your hand out to pick him up, hes afraid it will happen again. If its still happening (seen as you commented a while ago) I would suggest redoing the taming process so he trusts you again 🙂

  9. coolcatjuice
    | Reply

    It’s probably because hes now used to the scent of the sock so much that he knows its not harmful. Wheres because you have now introduced your hand he doesnt know the scent of you. So what I would do is rub some of the hamsters bedding its using onto your hands because its scent is on it, then try and put your hand gently towards the hamster, not to scare it. Hopefully if you keep doing that it will get used to your hand and you can stop having to rub the scent on your hand, I hope this works 🙂

  10. coolcatjuice
    | Reply

    first time! Then she would let me put her back into the cage. For some reason this is really helping and shes starting to really trust me. If you keep talking to her hamster gently every day and stroking it, it should stop, also try and do what I did and see if it helps, because eventually I think she will get tame because she will trust you 🙂 Hope this helps

  11. coolcatjuice
    | Reply

    Hey 🙂 I recently got a russian dwarf hamster and when ever I put my hand in the cage she would either ignore it or nibble a little. What I am doing at the moment is putting the exercise ball in her cage, waiting for her to go on it then closing it and letting her have some exercise. Then after that I went somewhere where she couldnt get lost, opened the ball up so she could only crawl on my hand. Because she wasnt in her territory she felt she couldnt bite me and was crawling on my hand for the

  12. Amy-Belle Ruskin
    | Reply

    OMFG, so cute.

    | Reply

    me to

  14. Kristiana Villar
    | Reply

    can you help me here my new hamster is still biting whether what we try to do..please comment

  15. Kevin Sandoval
    | Reply

    There are no videos on this type of biting! And my hamster bites and hangs on to the sock! I’ve been doing it for about 2 weeks now and he just doesnt like it! I’m to scared to use my hand!

  16. Johanna Gehlen
    | Reply

    me too! 🙂

  17. Johanna Gehlen
    | Reply

    i have my hamster since 3 weeks now, i tried to tame him and stuff, but he still bites me 🙁 like he bites me and hangs on to my finger till it bleeds 🙁 any suggestions?
    ps: i tried it with a ssock on my hand, he stopped biting the sock but whenever i use my hand, he bites me

  18. Chun Seng
    | Reply

    i get my hamster when he is 6-7 weeks old, and he doesn’t bite me..
    and now he is about 3 month old and everytime i pick him up he will bite me and wont let go until my finger is bleeding =[

  19. Jason Wong
    | Reply

    i scared to put mine on my hand

  20. Alyssa Stanton
    | Reply

    that hamster looks just like my old one Oscar. But it died and i was really sad now i have a new one O-O

  21. dan mo
    | Reply

    okay i have a dwarf hamster for about four months i was always able to pick it up but recently he is bitting me? why?

  22. samantha louise Acosta
    | Reply

    i was trying it while watching it then, it really worked!!! it so cool!!!

  23. EXwonderfulworld
    | Reply

    omg thinks thinks thinks 🙂

  24. SixthSenseGaming
    | Reply

    lmfaoo same here

  25. chibi49
    | Reply

    i can only pet my hamster when shes eating

  26. OfficialSilverViper
    | Reply

    most hamsters dont bite. They just taste you because they are curious to what you are.
    With my hamsters I let them bite me! and now they dont do it anymore!

  27. UploadSystem
    | Reply

    Im afraid to touch it..

  28. harliejae fletcher
    | Reply

    yeah mine did 2 probly cus i put my hand in when she wus sleepin

  29. ollyko1
    | Reply

    that fails with my hamster but my hamster is very protective over her cage

  30. Darren Rowe
    | Reply

    ah, whatever helps you sleep at night, noobs

  31. Darren Rowe
    | Reply

    same thing happened to me and my brother with our new hammies

  32. Darren Rowe
    | Reply

    you could just wrap your hands in tissues and pick it up!

  33. Multimanx2
    | Reply

    You may want to try to scoop up the hamster instead of grabbing, I hear it makes the hamsters feel a little more secure.

  34. Gary Gabbard
    | Reply

    My hamster bites when I put my hand in her cage to let her sniff my hand.

  35. IloveMycomputer2010
    | Reply

    my.. my hamster bites me i had her for a year now 🙁

  36. zeldacrazyinlove1502
    | Reply

    yeah tiny problem…….my hammy bites when it is soppused to be sniffing my hand!! any tips??

  37. pip123abc
    | Reply

    my hamster usedto bite me and make me bleed he done it to everyone i dont no wat happend but when my friend attemted to pick him up about 2 month after he didnt bite he never bites eneyone now i dont no wat happend he just stoped

    | Reply

    i was too scared to do it so my dad did the steps and the hamster didnt bite but i did the step and when you siad to pick it up not to high it bit me for even trying to pick it up, and that thing hurts1 please tell me how to stop it from bitting me when i grab it. and plus i grab it gently, im a sweet girl not a mean girl who hurts pets, i love them. can you tell me why my hamster bit me , please?!

  39. UrTopSuperHero
    | Reply


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