Hamster Taming Session | Roborovski Hamster

Hamster Taming Session | Roborovski Hamster
Today I thought I would take my Hamster “Gumdrop” out of his cage for some playtime and a Taming Session:) I hope you all will enjoy! Much love, Pam xoxo

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My Hamsters:
Patch — Male Campbells dwarf
Biggie Smalls — Male Short haired Syrian
Gumdrop — Male Roborovski

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18 Responses

  1. Nicole Timm
    | Reply

    I can’t get over how stink’n tiny he is!! He’s so cute I can’t stand it!😍

  2. Sam Edits
    | Reply

    My Robo hates mealworms

  3. Sungarden Sisters
    | Reply

    I have a winter white named Gumdrop!!! 😀

  4. Carla Bailey
    | Reply

    I got 2 roborovskis on sunday and one is almost completely tamed which is amazing. Whilst the other is still a little shy. Theyre only 2 weeks old❤ good luck with your robo hammy x

  5. Elaine Yi
    | Reply

    if you are able to hold a hamster in the pet store, is that an ok for holding it after you get home? I've been looking at this pet store near me for a hamster and the hamsters seem to like being held.

  6. nikinikita1994
    | Reply

    Anyone any tips on how to stop my robo's to from biting me. I have 2 males Wall-e and Chappie. They used to live together in a IKEA Billy cage but one dat things when south. And the started fighting bad. So i had to get inbetween them separate them. (They used to fuss a little some times but they would sort it out themselves but this time they would not let go.) Anyway ever since I separated them they bite me really bad like they'll cling on to my finger and draw blood I have attempted to ease them in to getting used to my hand but in the end and after getting the treat they'll always bite. Would love if anyone had any ideas I could try.

  7. adorable pup
    | Reply

    he is so freggin CUTE 🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹

  8. Billy Bod Joe moe
    | Reply

    I'm sorry but I'm really late but how long did take to tame him????

  9. Leah
    | Reply

    Omg!Gumdrop is so adorable!And tiny!

  10. mellyora laenen
    | Reply

    We did'n had to tame our dwarf. We wachted so many video's and when we got him he wanted to be hold so bad the next day. He just wanted to cudle it was really cute

  11. Desi’s World
    | Reply

    Hes so cute ( : I still remember him and this video!!!

  12. LunAlis 610
    | Reply

    Is this a robo? They are so extremely adorable!

  13. Heather’s Animals
    | Reply

    My robo can barley fit in a tp tobe

  14. Heather’s Animals
    | Reply

    He is so tiny compared to my robo😂

  15. I suck at all games
    | Reply

    This makes me sad ;(. I had a robo, he passed away 10/29/18.

  16. Shannan Brace
    | Reply

    I can’t hold my Robveroski hamster 🐹 ether😂

  17. Alexx the weird robloxian lol jk
    | Reply

    How do you train one?
    I’ve tried lots and lots of times with some of her favorite vegetable biscuits and she bites me instead of the biscuit! I’m really sad and really wants some advice so mine can be like yours. I have a question too, how much do they grow yearly?
    But I just really need some advice and tips on how to make your stop biting you instead of the biscuit
    One last thing, mine keeps on following my hand everytime I try to tame her but when I hold her properly, she bites me hard!
    She isn’t grumpy she is healthy and happy!
    Thank you!

  18. Janalee Hubbard
    | Reply

    i have a robo hamster named Humprey and he is SO cute and i feel ya, they really don't like to be held but they are fun!

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