Hamster in a Ball

Panda in her Ball! She likes running around!

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D
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30 Responses

  1. Bamboogummy Does Stuff
    | Reply

    Please stop using exercise balls. The animal inside is always very stressed as their senses are blurred while inside. They are not having fun, they are actually very stressed and trying to get out.

  2. Ugly Jerk
    | Reply

    Isn't that a guinea pig

  3. James Alexander
    | Reply


  4. Supremovincenzo
    | Reply

    A Giant Roll for Hammie kind! Brill way for Hammie to see the world without any danger to fixtures & fittings!

  5. Chantiel McKeiver
    | Reply

    But I thought the ball is safe? So they don't get hurt? It has air holes too.. I'm confused ..

  6. Royce Lipio
    | Reply

    Ow it's cute but jast ignore the mine comments like Florence he is a fuck boy or girl and he is a idiot

  7. manuxios
    | Reply

    animal cruelty

  8. andrei filip
    | Reply

    So cute! ^_^

  9. Ur Mum
    | Reply

    My hamster has a hamster ball. I let him out for food and drink breaks. I just look at using a hamster ball as letting them run around but not being able to get into anything. It really depends on how your hamster reacts to it. Personally, my hamster loves it.

  10. Só para descontrair
    | Reply

    Parece com meu hamster

  11. Adrian Swaby
    | Reply

    USA police

  12. Bendy
    | Reply

    its so cute =D

  13. Psyblaze 110
    | Reply

    How come Everytime I watch any animal video the comment section is taken over by animal rights wackjobs? I didn't realize there where so many animal professionals around.

  14. Angel XD
    | Reply

    my hamster ball is too small for my hamster

  15. leighsenpai
    | Reply

    Tbh I'm not going to tell all of the smart asses in the comments what is right and what is wrong. It is not animal cruelty if your hamster is WILLING to go inside of the ball and is inside the ball for under 10 mins.

  16. valeria ramirez
    | Reply

    I hate hamster as a dog

  17. valeria ramirez
    | Reply

    I hate hamsters I like dogs

  18. FantaCS
    | Reply

    Hamster loves those balls.. I bought my first ever hamster today and i bought just a ball like that.. they love to exercise. They run all the time. And like we say, we dont force them to go in, they do it themself. Hamster wont do something they dont like, they are smart.

  19. Carol Dixon
    | Reply

    a hamsters is a pet !!! not for eating ..

  20. Gereksiz Tv
    | Reply

    what is the radius of the ball

  21. Purple Kitti
    | Reply

    I recommend you put her on the carpet, so that she has more control in the ball 🙂 I'm not hating, just giving some advice.

  22. vile
    | Reply

    Awe that's so cute while im watching this video my hamster is in her exercise ball

  23. Ashley Walpole
    | Reply

    Why all the mean comments? My hamster loves his ball when I try to put him in his cage he just looks at me and climbs in his ball. For all the people who say this is abuse this is not. People beating or not feeding a pet anything is abuse!!👿👿👿

  24. Florence MacKenna
    | Reply

    I swear, its like every damn thing is suddenly "animal abuse". I blame the internet. You get a bunch of anonymous chucklefucks who suddenly think they're experts because they read an article once that said this or that, so they go saddle up their high horse and go around to any adorable pet video explaining why, actually, what looks like adorable harmless fun is actually horrible and cruel and the owners should be shot.

    Seriously, people. Chill out. Animal abuse is horrible. Letting a hamster run around in a ball under supervision is not abuse. Yes, some pets hate being put in those balls. Others love it. I trust the people who own the pet to know what it likes and dislikes more than some random internet "expert".

    And no, they are not completely blind inside the balls. Yes, it does interfere with their vision, but they can still see to some degree. Yes, that does stress some of them out, and if your pet is not enjoying the ball, don't put your pet in it. Some pets love it, though, because it gives them a chance to explore outside of their cage.

  25. 74littletiger
    | Reply


  26. 74littletiger
    | Reply

    For all of you who apparently do not know ANYTHING about hamsters :

    Stop using these balls, for heavens sake !

  27. 74littletiger
    | Reply


  28. Sonja Farrington
    | Reply

    Awwww! That is so adorable!

  29. William McKay
    | Reply

    how cute 😀

  30. ramonypony
    | Reply

    What's with all the dislikes? People have decided hamster balls kill hamsters or are cruel to them or something? My hamsters used balls and they never had any problems. I remember when Peaches got in her ball it was like she was running a marathon, and if I opened the door she didn't want to come out, she wanted to run.

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