Hamster Hair Loss

Hamster Hair Loss

By Cynthia Dollins

Please note that the author is not a veterinarian. Please consult your vet for any medical advice about your pet.

Growing up, a sense of wonder at nature and a love for animals was instilled in us. A normal weekend was spent at Elachee Nature Center in Oakwood, GA learning about the climate that controlled Georgia’s agriculture and natural resources. This normally went into detail about animals as well as the plants that naturally supported such wildlife. This inbred fascination with nature was also reflected in our home. My brother, sister, and I all had numerous books on wild animals and we loved to watch The Discovery Channel. My mom brought it on herself that we tended to bring home and love animals. By the time I had moved out, my family had two birds, two turtles, numerous white mice and hamsters, and one very rowdy little dog. After I moved out, I collected a couple of cats and a couple of very rowdy large dogs.

The most recent addition to the family is Hannah, the dwarf hamster. My brother, Bob, brought her home in late 2003 and my mom quickly became enamored with her. Mom has been known to get Hannah out of her cage in the middle of the night to play and feed her almonds in the kitchen while she gets ready for work.

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  1. Amira
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    That was ridiculous that even the tiniest creature are experiencing hair loss, that was really astonishing. Hair loss is considered as the most patent and very tormenting illness that has ever happen to all mammals. It almost been the very serious and common type of irregularity.

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