Guinea Pig & Rabbit Care : How to Train Your Rabbit Not to Chew or Dig Household Items

When scolding a rabbit for chewing on household items, never strike the rabbit as it produces fear and can cause serious damage. Train rabbits not to chew or…

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29 Responses

  1. Dameka247
    | Reply

    I have a super soaker water gun. It works and she learned quickly.

  2. Tiaga Yune
    | Reply

    ok? ill try that

  3. Youssef Hossam
    | Reply

    Oggy411 i prefer rabbits

  4. oggy411
    | Reply

    What would you recconmend a guinea pig or rabbit?

  5. Fantageous
    | Reply

    Maybe I’m lazy or feel it is futile but rabbits aren’t easy to train…they like to be around you, but don’t like being picked up. You can use food-reward training (natural motivation). I don’t rec’ punishment. It scares them + they likely might associate you with the punishment. It would be better to contain the rabbit in a rabbit safe area or supervise it if it’s roaming free. They chew everything because that’s what rabbits do – their teeth constantly grow hence nature made them chewers.

  6. BurntJuiceTV
    | Reply

    I recently got two Dwarf rabbits, and named them Glaze and Rory :3

  7. nikikhilton
    | Reply

    oh now the mexican man wants to teach us somthin

  8. simonestrachan
    | Reply

    I just got a new rabbit its black and white name is kayden XD

  9. Mr12365478987
    | Reply

    where is guinea Pig part?:(

  10. saltburnsurfer
    | Reply

    My rabbit has chewed everything I own… So there’s nothing left for him to destroy! 🙂 even the top half of my scerting boards and every corner of my carpet! It’s like talking to a brick wall telling him to stop, but I love him none the less. Atleast he poo’s in the right place 🙂

  11. Myhopeisinhim
    | Reply

    I wouldn’t recommend running at them, they get startled and scared very easily. Have you tried to clap and say no, and then if he doesn’t listen, go over to him and encourage him to move away, or distract him with another toy?

  12. mermaidamp
    | Reply

    Rabbits are great creatures. 

  13. Raw Nour
    | Reply

    in soviet russia, rabbit trains you!!

  14. Pennyiscute1984
    | Reply

    I use to clap & shout NO when he was naughty but after a while my bunny realised my threats were empty and just started to ingored me. So now i run at him really quickly…he runs off but 2 seconds later he’s back. He chews EVERYTHING so i’m getting him fixed!

  15. zarrurer12
    | Reply

    mine tries to eat my shirt all the time…. any suggestions?

  16. Josh350
    | Reply

    my bunny is learning that way if i tell him NO! he will stop and look at me with a it wasn’t me face.

  17. WLAIP
    | Reply

    NO only in the wild so you will be fine

  18. leradoms
    | Reply

    I find this guy’s accent super sexy.

  19. elicash80
    | Reply

    I’m sure this guy knows a bit more than you. Also how else are you supposed to train it? A rabbit is not offended or depressed by a clap or a yell. It is just an annoying noise to them and this creates an aversion to the behavior.

  20. rabz655
    | Reply

    hey so do rabbits bite a tinty bit orr ?
    lol soz im gettin a rabbit soon i need 2 knw these things

  21. TheCosmicVideo
    | Reply

    my mom gave away my rabbit when i was away for summer vacation, but my mom said that the person she gave the rabbit to, is really nice and takes care of it well

  22. TheOceanlover123
    | Reply

    listen dude ur  not supost to scream at a rabbit thats just mean asshole

  23. mexalkid
    | Reply

    have you noticed on every video they use this rabbit ?!?!

  24. mexalkid
    | Reply

    it a lion head rabbit very nice bread of rabbits and it so soft and cuddly i was going to buy one then i bought a lop bunny hes big now he 16 months 🙂

  25. jonasROXmySOXforever
    | Reply

    the tone that u say it is what makes it stop, so if u say it name without yelling it wont think that its doing something bad

  26. RachieRAINBOWS
    | Reply

    Yeah you can get leads for them 😀

    Like ferrets and Guinea’s too ^^

  27. RachieRAINBOWS
    | Reply

    Naaaww! 😀

    I cant wait too get My Rabbit after summer 🙂

  28. ILovePupsAndDoggies
    | Reply

    lol i taught him his name but a couple weeks late i called him and he forgot 🙁

    so i gave up lol! but ya when i get some veg and call him he comes (only cuz of the veg) 🙂

  29. DeadlyChinchilla
    | Reply

    Thats easy! A piece of cabbage and say “heeeere, piggy piggy!” Mine comes every time. ^_^

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