Guinea Pig & Rabbit Care : How to Exercise Your Rabbit

Rabbits spend a lot of time in cages, so make sure they get four to five hours of exercise per day. Get pet rabbits to exercise with tips from a veterinarian…

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25 Responses

  1. SpantekTV
    | Reply

    you know inside, a rabit is 5 times more likely to be struck by a metiorite
    due to the gravitational atraction of the larg house

  2. Belle17rosie
    | Reply

    this movie is usless i am geting a rabbit and need to learn alot about them

  3. rosereddoll
    | Reply

    I didn’t say YOUR guinea pig was neglected!

  4. Animallover08668
    | Reply

    i heard tht u arent supposed to put bunnies and rabbits outside because
    they can can catch parasites that can kill them within one day, they can be
    caught by a predator like a hawk or coyote and they may eat something,
    choke and die. so when i get a bunny or rabbit in gonna let it run freely
    in my room.

  5. YuukiOmizu
    | Reply

    Basicaly, I think Putting your bunny indoors therefore, It won’t get much
    injured such as,Parasites,death of Wild animals (Wolves,Dogs,Cats,etc) And
    If your bunny is in a cage outside, There is a possibility of a Racoon
    Comming and *Free* Your Bunny because it is able to unlock locks. So Its
    better to put your bunny Inside where it most likely be safe.

  6. TheDAGvieos1989
    | Reply

    i am with you on that animallover08668 but i let my bunny run free in my
    room and now my room stinks like rabit poo. and you are gonna have stains
    and all that

  7. JapaneseWomanTy
    | Reply

    @DDALKKUK8 no the dosent.

  8. Mamegreen
    | Reply

    Is that rabbit dead, or knocked out from something? The rabbits in these
    videos stay still the entire time…I have a rabbit and he moves around
    much more than that 😛

  9. hibylittle8
    | Reply

    i have a white pen that mine runs in and if she is not in that i have her
    on a harness and leash for rabbits

  10. zZxZ3R0xZz
    | Reply

    your a grown man playing with rabbits

  11. sporespore2
    | Reply

    You people are ignorant a holes, you know that? First off wow you know
    rabbits are easily trained just like a dog to sit or lay or even do simple
    arithmatic. The rabbit in the vid has been properly trained and cared for.
    An just, lol, lol ,lol ,LOL useless village nice why not read a damn book
    on animals once in a while to get yourself educated on the specific subject
    of interest. Or wait can you do simple arithmatic? Jerks all of ya.

  12. Scarrr
    | Reply

    Hmm, I don’t know.. Why not try building a fence? You can also get little
    puppy pens at pet stores. They’re not to expensive.

  13. rosereddoll
    | Reply

    Actually, you can teach rabbits to come when they are called, fetch, sit up
    and even house train them! ^__^ (just like dogs) It’s just that most pet
    owners just get a rabbit because they’re cute and don’t bother to train
    them. As a result people often get bored with them and they spend most of
    their lives alone in a cage. It’s a shame really, since rabbits are social,
    intelligent and have individual personalities.

  14. JapaneseWomanTy
    | Reply

    I hate expert village videos there so unhelpful

  15. xjkill
    | Reply

    I uhh Hate uhh your uhh voice uhh. UHHHHHH

  16. AliParada
    | Reply

    dude dont bunnies hate being in side and they will eat and chew your cables.

  17. airbornedude101
    | Reply

    Rabbits like to dig. They’ll just dig up under the fence unless you get
    them declawed. If you do build a fence make sure to burry the boards at
    least 2 feet underground.

  18. Lilit Chaparyan
    | Reply

    Y doesnt that rabbit ever move? its like frozen! my rabbit will never stop
    moving! 8D

  19. hibylittle8
    | Reply

    it gets ate by wiley coyote

    | Reply

    I have a run for my rabbits and I let them out in the morning and put them
    away when it gets dark and on a dry day I would let one out and it would
    exercise but all it does is eat grass and dig at the back of the garden
    it’s quite lazy I think

  21. airbornedude101
    | Reply

    Dude what the Hell is your problem?

  22. jellybelly500000
    | Reply

    Get your bunny a leash and collar. They make special bunny ones, and you
    can also get small dog ones, but make sure it’s more of a harness than just
    a collar. My bunny doesn’t like putting it on, but it’s the only way i can
    take him outside, since we have a fence that he could jump through.

  23. Julia Filatova
    | Reply

    there are words at the bottom

  24. SexiKittie
    | Reply

    i use to have a bunny that would follow me constantly and circle around me
    wanting to play and we would be soo happy together (may he rest in peace)
    he would come to me when i call his name.. but he passed away.. but how do
    i get my new bunny to do the same thing? i know alll bunnies are very
    different with different personalities but .. (sighs) i know my new bunny
    is not the same as my old one.. so how can i let him play with me? and be
    kinda like the old one?

  25. TheDAGvieos1989
    | Reply

    u can also uh maybe u should uh

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