GrrrRrrRrrrR – But, at least I think the COMMENT problem is fixed now

As I mentioned earlier, there are a bunch of things wrong with the backbone of this blog, and I think it might have stemmed from my upgrade directly from wordpress version 1.5.2 to wordpress version 2.1 in one step.

Yesterday (well, at least several hours anyway) was pretty much spent investigating this theory and my options. On one hand, I do have a clean backup at the point prior to the upgrade, but that would mean losing 3 months of posts.

But – I’ve looked at how I could fix this – if I can’t figure out what’s really going on and unable to fix this of course – and that would be to rebuild this blog from scratch.

I would restore my old 1.5.2 wordpress version and then it’s backup MySQL database and then I would manually add everything posted since that point into the restored backup … Then, I would probably upgrade it in lesser stages, perhaps to version 2.0 first or even a lower version before that. All in all – that would take about a complete weekend of uninterupted time I figure.

GrrrRrrR .. I growl because I don’t really have that much time to spare .. and dread rolling back this blog because there are almost 2600 posts now, and about 200 posts since my upgrage!

In the meantime .. I am most concerned about two things:

* My Comments Are Out Of Whack

I think I have figured out the cause of this problem. It seems that when one comments on this blog, the comment gets lost in the archives and attached itself to another post altogether. It just hit me yesterday, that in all these cases – that lost archive post was exactly 1-year ago from the date of the comment. I have only one plugin that might have caused this .. the TIMECAPSULE plugin. This is the plugin that was posting the entries that I made 1 year ago today inbetween every post. I have now deactivated it and removed the code (temporarily) from this template.

Comments appear to be working now. I know I don’t get many comments, but I hope a few of you will feel the need to help me test my theory and see if that really was the cause!

* Half of some posts in the archives are missing

I can’t fix this. However, I have set up a page where you may report any pages that seem to be missing the balance of an entry. During the upgrade long ago, it seemed that some posts with the “MORE” link (the point where it say “Click here for the rest of the article..”) vanished. As I’ve been finding them, I have gone into my backup and adding the missing information. If you let me know of the URL of other posts that have same problem, I will fix it the same way. A temporary fix, but at a fix nevertheless. Here’s the page:

Please report WEIRD STUFF that you might see in my archives at:



AND NOW .. (FINALLY) Back to your regular PetLvr programming!

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