Groundwork Training With a Young Horse : Teaching a Young Horse to Lunge

Teaching a young horse to lunge prepares the horse to be ridden. Learn how to teach a young horse to lunge in this free horse training video. Expert: Mara Ke…

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46 Responses

  1. shinyp0nyta
    | Reply

    The chain isn’t dangerous, its actually very helpful if use correctly, and
    if used correctly it doesn’t hurt the horse at all. But you are right in
    everything else.

  2. hend22danielle
    | Reply

    Look, non of you know HER or this HORSE. I am not saying everything she
    does is in the best interest of her OR her horse, BUT there are some that
    you come across that just never change their attitude. I agree with some of
    the comments that you all leave, but if you are all such experts and know
    EXACTLY what you are doing with your own, then leave her with some
    motivational advice and leave your nose up in the air comments to yourself.

  3. AllAmericanAgility
    | Reply

    This horse is acting up because of that stupid chain over nose… They give
    constant pressure, that is why rope halters are MUCH better to use when
    doing groundwork

  4. Horsespur101
    | Reply

    she has the whip in the horses face!

  5. Sasha Repko
    | Reply

    you have no control over your horse!!

  6. peaceoutt3
    | Reply

    @wartyblue55 if u need ideas i recommend NOT using expertvillage to help u!
    everything even if it’s not horses doesn’t help at all

  7. LoriAnnDChief
    | Reply

    Very odd :/

  8. BZEnodata
    | Reply

    you have no control.

  9. breanne burtch
    | Reply

    Wow she needs to teach that horse some manners…she also needs to learn
    how to properly lunge, first of you don’t lunge a horse with a chain over
    its nose,you also don’t wrap the line around your hand

  10. SleazyKitten
    | Reply

    @ilyFredQ she needs to learn to give him one good one.let him know she’s
    the boss and to quit it.chains aren’t bad its the people that use them

  11. Jessica Olson
    | Reply

    i put the thing around his nose kuz i have no control

  12. SleazyKitten
    | Reply

    @AllAmericanAgility not really when I work with a horse I can get the chain
    to not put pressure on their nose people just need to learn to not grab and
    hold on and trust me rope halters will do just as much damage I’ve seen it

  13. Jessica Leslie
    | Reply

    don’t yank on a horses nose when they have a shank on! imagin a chain
    across your face being tugged on and yanked.

  14. loz0127
    | Reply

    hehe u can tell he doesnt like her

  15. TheTastyPixel
    | Reply

    The horse needs to learn respect and yanking on his face non-stop is not
    going to teach anything. He thinks it is a game (see the way he’s trying to
    grab the line after the yank) and because of that you will never break the
    habit until you change your method.

  16. MyGolden30
    | Reply

    the best advise is for glove! is very bad video! Mon Dieu! c’est tres

  17. Ginadimalta
    | Reply

    Personnally, I think it’s nice that for once they’ve used a real horse with
    temperament for the video, this is probably a stallion, my baby behaved
    exactly the same when I bought him. And yeah she has no control but that’s
    because the horse has probably never been trained before, and that’s the
    title of the video “training a young horse” so that’s what I wanted and
    expected to see. And obviously no beginner should try to train a YOUNG
    horse to lounge!

  18. sayg00dnightandg0
    | Reply

    looks like he just wants to get out right there

  19. tmustang94
    | Reply

    i suggest working with a horse that has manners and that respects you, your
    obviously idiots if you use bad horses to teach, doesnt that just show that
    your tenhniques dont work? thumbs up if agree!!!

  20. sergio ramos
    | Reply

    The horse does what he wants with you…before you start training get him
    to respect you and see you as the leader.. when he pulls and yanks on the
    halter,.you dont do anything about it. Your letting the horse know ..he can
    do what he wants wuth you

  21. peaceoutt3
    | Reply

    @SleazyKitten listen…… i have dealt with manyy dangerous horses too
    many to count! i have used a chain over a horses nose manyy times! i didn’t
    mean it was bad i said its good enough to keep him in place u don’t need a
    electric whip! goshh… ppl like u need to chill get a life and go do
    something else besides critisizing other ppl w/ ur opinion and u didn’t
    even understand wat i meant!

  22. Evalani22
    | Reply

    i hope no beginners take these vids to seriously… they’d get killed using
    these “techniques” my baby is just about 2, and we are working on ground
    manners before the long line will ever be introduced! sheesh- talk about
    bad advice!

  23. SleazyKitten
    | Reply

    @peaceoutt3 you people are idiots you bitch and complain about chains over
    the nose and yet you jackasses have never once dealt with a dangerous horse
    that is more than willing to jurt you.or a youngster that needs to be
    taught enoughs enough.all you natural horsemanship people can kiss my all have videos of you with your horses how about dealing with a
    dangerous horse for once

  24. peaceoutt3
    | Reply

    @blimpkin1 nooo wayy having the chain over his nose is bad enough!!!!!

  25. no1horselover
    | Reply

    Not being bitchy but you really have no control over that horse at all. You
    should not let him push you about like that. If you dont right him about
    his intrusive and bossy behaviour from the start than its going to be
    really hard to get him out of it.

  26. JessikaSaysMeow
    | Reply

    that is the worst horsemanship ever … jeez ..

  27. pecoslover97
    | Reply

    i have a q 4 anyone here my horse just wants to eat when i lunge and i dont
    have a chain on it.and i put his reins on his horn so he cant eat and it
    seems hes confused like he doesnt kow how anymore also i have to walk like
    forward because i dont have a long one its kinda short so im not in the
    right position so that might be confusing him but i might be trying to go
    to a barn to board so i might have to retrain him if hes not getting it

  28. Colbyjcp
    | Reply

    You have no idea what your doing. Your horse has zero respect for you or
    your space and you obviously don’t know how to get him to respect you.

  29. KeytoRain
    | Reply

    why do you have a lunge whip? and that small circle….. oh this video is
    just bad. baaaaaad advice. bad training. dont use it. if your horse had
    even a bit of training you wouldn’t need the chain. i feel sorry for the

  30. stargirlamy
    | Reply


  31. barrelhorseluver
    | Reply

    Wow such a huge horse! Lovely job with him

  32. Sidney Weber
    | Reply

    What in the world, you should not have that horse letting him get away with
    it is not ok I don’t understand how idiots end up with a horse you person
    is a dummy you do not yank on the horse for any reason you can seriously
    damage that horse, For one you have the whip in front of the horses face
    gee smart right. Geez people irritate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. HartleyMom
    | Reply

    @MegF142857 I could not have said it better myself!

  34. TBjumperxxx
    | Reply

    You must be kidding me. It’s good that she stays calm, but on the other
    hand, she should be on that horse like white-on-rice. If my horse acted
    like that, it would know to NEVER act like that again. Teaching ground
    work, huh? Manners comes before lungeing. Learn something about horses. -.-

  35. Magpieee
    | Reply

    shouldnt you have a hat on ?

  36. breezyandmee
    | Reply

    NOT trying to be rude but that horse is not respecting you at all he is
    nervous and does not understand what you are asking of him. i have only
    been a horse owner for about 7 months now and my horse was 4 and GREEN when
    i got her and i would not tolorate that behavior from her under any
    circumstances. The main thing is this if i were to click on this video the
    day i got my horse it would show me that letting your horse attempt to bit
    you over and over agian was ok.

  37. gaited07
    | Reply

    Wow, you need to watch some real videos of real trainers working with
    horses. You have NO control over this horse and for you to give advice is
    extremely dangerous. I hope no one takes your so called lesson serious!
    Good luck if your still doing this:)

  38. Neon Fox
    | Reply

    Why are you handling him so much? If you just loosen up your grip, your
    horse wouldn’t be so uncomfortable with you.

  39. grahamquacker
    | Reply

    you guys need more ground work. Look at this horse. He is obviously not
    very happy

  40. Laura Budd
    | Reply

    maybe you should put videos up of how to not make the horse take a spazz
    everytime you try to do something you guys are kind of bad at this !!!!

  41. SleazyKitten
    | Reply

    ok how come most of you people bitch about a chain over the nose and your
    stupid natual bridless halters are the exact fucking thing?I have one and
    have used it and they are exactly the same as a chain over a nose and if
    you are stupid enoug to go out and blow $200 on one of these halters your a
    moron who shouldn’t own horses.if you think chains over the nose are bad
    what about when you rip your horses nose apart with those halters?I’ve seen
    it done by professionals.

  42. lbfoxhunter
    | Reply

    what did we learn from that?!?

  43. Theataskinen
    | Reply

    ok you really should have trained this horse to behave when it is on a line
    and to stand properly not like a horse that wants to kill you i’m am only
    thirteen and i make sure that all young horses that i work with have
    manners even the babie that are only weanling have better manners so fix it
    before they thinks its allowed

  44. Ginadimalta
    | Reply

    @Evalani22 Personnally, I think it’s nice that for once they’ve used a real
    horse with temperament for the video, this is probably a stallion, my baby
    behaved exactly the same when I bought him. And yeah she has no control but
    that’s because the horse has probably never been trained before, and that’s
    the title of the video “training a young horse” so that’s what I wanted and
    expected to see. And obviously no beginner should try to train a YOUNG
    horse to lounge!

  45. Jaclyn Breeze
    | Reply

    Well that horse clearly has no resepect for her.

  46. Carol Higgs
    | Reply

    A chain cannot be a subsitute for knowledge and good horsemanship. I wonder
    if “expert village” actually have experts screen these videos?!

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