Green horse jumping

This is Andi and a green jumper that she is helping to train! (Go to to read the critique of this video)

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OMG! What happened to my eyes and where did all this green hair come from? :D


  1. My Crazy Equine Life says:

    Can she get any praise? All these comments are on tips!
    Tips are fine I guess but constantly?
    It's her TRAINER who should be giving her tips it's not YOUR job.

  2. Breyer Horse crazy says:

    please look at your video I do not know if you know but how your horse is holding his/her mouth open is because of pain in his/her mouth so please drop the bit and give a little more release but you are a good rider have a great day 😀😀

  3. Who let the green rider TRAIN (sic!) a green horse???

  4. Hannah Burgin says:

    Shut up everyone who has said bad things about her because I trained a green horse and he jumps 4'6 with me now I trained him from when he was a baby

  5. Maddie Nimocks says:

    this horse is getting NO release over the fences! the release is their reward for going over the fence. someone with jumping experience needs to be teaching this poor horse to jump. she's also cranking on its mouth constantly. my trainer taught me to give the horse release before i started fences!

  6. this horse is nowhere near to being ready to jump. It can't even accept the contact and braces against the hand. The back is dropped too.

  7. Anastasja Oudhoff says:

    this has helped me alot

  8. When you are jumping, a horse needs his head for balance, maybe try a running martingale.

  9. Justin Crowley says:

    try putting poles like an alley way leading toward the jump. this encourages them to go over the jump without making them feel trapped.

  10. English Rider says:

    Something is wrong with the horse😐

  11. SummersGirl11 says:

    I know this is a very old video but I just have a few suggestions. 

    For one your lower leg is too far forward. This makes to you to the back of the saddle putting the horse off balance. 

    Also when you are approaching the x jump the horse keeps trying to run off to the left. try placing your crop on the left there to encourage them to remain straight. Even tap them with it if you have to ( obviously don't beat them). 

    Other than that I would love to see an update video of how this horse has gone over the past three years :)

  12. That's really good for a green horse. Just try not to sit down so hevily after going into two point

  13. aimee colquhoun says:

    And ur reins!!! Learn to be comfortable and do things right before u post a vid on youtube of u riding a horse soorrrrrry if u find this mean

  14. Eq Obsession says:

    Nice horse 😊

  15. Allison Williams says:

    I love it, at first she is scared but she learns it's no harm to her!

  16. Neisha Mackie says:

    Few things u can improve on but ur on a green horse i give u some credit for that good job :)

  17. 101jumpergirl101 says:

    lengthen your stirrups they're a hole or two too short. don't turn your hands in otherwise great job i have ridden horses and ponies where i have to constantly keep them in my hands and not on a loose rein

  18. Tiffany Jennings says:

    shorten you reins, keep your feet and leg on him, sit quitter and don't sit so heavy in the saddle. don't throw your hands around. stop pulling on his mouth. all tips to make him quitter. he will be an' amazing horse IF YOU teach him the right way.

  19. Melissa Gallo says:

    Shorten your reins and try to sit a bit quieter and separate your hands to help guide him straight to the next fence. Really keep your leg tight to encourage him to stay moving forward but be careful not to sit hard on his back. This will allow him to move more comfortably over the fence. He's going to be great!

  20. MinockerSpanichle says:

    Snappy two-point! I see the nice upright position for him, but holding the two point a bit longer would be easier on his back, wouldn't you think? Though, if you were expecting a spook, that's best then.

  21. Cydney Halsey says:

    That's really good for a green horse! Normally i ride trained horses and sometimes they still act like that lol

  22. taylor macnaughton says:

    I understand the exact struggles shes going through!

  23. HS Eventing says:

    i hope this doesnt sound rude but what my trainer told me is to keep my leg on 10 strides out and it helps:) it looks good to me :)

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