Ginger’s Late-Night Snack

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

Ginger gets a case of the late-night munchies.

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. mijnvideokanaal
    | Reply

    H a Ha nice!

  2. chineechino
    | Reply

    haha that was awesome

  3. Devilishbritt
    | Reply

    OMG! what a cute dog.

  4. Nesoja
    | Reply

    @NightStreet50 YESSSS I LOVE YOU
    Youre pro jesus

  5. datskiey
    | Reply

    what a voracious dog

  6. JennifahhKiller
    | Reply

    She has an interesting appetite. I may try the cereal on bread mix.

  7. misswakeboarder1
    | Reply

    Prettynicole09 it did not eat it because if it did it would be really bad for the dog so think about what you write before you right something dumb sorry but you should no offense

  8. misswakeboarder1
    | Reply

    Oops prettyNicole06 read the last comment I made woops it was meant for you

  9. evillttlimp
    | Reply

    Wait wait, she has four feet AND hands? That’s an odd centaurlike creature right there.

  10. lolastarjohnson
    | Reply

    How did u do the whole hand thing without seeing your head or body??

  11. NewShangTsung
    | Reply


  12. MsWongo
    | Reply

    why does the dog has hands?

  13. celinher
    | Reply

    this is sooooooofunny!!!!! GREAT GINGER!!

  14. omegakratos123
    | Reply

    @evillttlimp i was thinking about it 😛

  15. lyricallane
    | Reply

    I love that! I want to do that with my dog, but she’d probably INSIST on bringing every bite to her “little corner”! 🙂

  16. christophersonawane
    | Reply


  17. captivatingcreatures
    | Reply

    LOL thats so cute

  18. Pacjusia
    | Reply


  19. lillydu44
    | Reply

    goood !

  20. CripNchill
    | Reply

    This is funny… but keep on giving alot of sweet things, and your dog can die…

  21. prettynicole06
    | Reply

    Poor dog i am sorry ginger

  22. murcadecristal
    | Reply


  23. Craftmaster456
    | Reply


  24. TYspecials
    | Reply

    funny 🙂

  25. MrHalano
    | Reply

    Ending: BLACK SPY WINS.

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