Getting a New Pet in a Down Economy

There are many articles swirling in the news on how the economy is affecting pet ownership. Pets have been surrendered to animal shelters all over the U.S., and some facilities have seen a significant increase. For example, the Waukesha Humane Animal Welfare Society recently experienced a 42 percent increase in people bringing in animals. This might be the current trend, but some people are not letting the down economy stand in their way of getting new pets.

Registered nurse and holistic healthcare practitioner S. M. Perdos recently brought a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel into her home. Nikko is a vivacious puppy that enjoys playing with his hamburger toy as well as his two big brothers, Paisley and Sebastian, who are of the same breed. I sat down with Perdos to find out what made this puppy so special.

Why did you decide to get a third dog?
It was an emotional purchase, because he was extremely ill with an upper respiratory infection and I wanted to take care of him. He had already been with one family and was returned, and I decided that I would take care of him.

Is there anything you’re doing to help reduce your pet expenses?
Yes, I’ve checked on the new vaccine guidelines because sometimes the boosters we give on a regular basis may not be needed. It’s important to have your veterinarian draw a blood tighter to determine the animal’s immunity after the initial series of shots have been administered. If the immunity level is low, then you should probably get the booster shots. But it’s important to discuss all of this with your veterinarian.

How did you introduce this puppy to your two other dogs?
With the puppy inside his crate, I let my other dogs get to know him that way first. Then I let him out for short amounts of time and supervised these play times.

Do you have any suggestions on how people can inexpensively reduce the stress in their household when they are introducing a new pet?
You can use such things as diffusing lavender essential oil or I’ve heard of people having success with using flower essences. Also, being calm and collected yourself is extremely important since the animals will pick up on your energy. The introduction should take place when the household has a relaxing atmosphere and is free of chaos.

Nikko’s story shows that there are animals in need of a loving home, and there are ways to make the introduction of a new pet less stressful. Given some time, a new pet can enhance your life as well as your other pets.

If you have the financial capacity to adopt another pet, this is the perfect time to share your love with an animal. Check out local animal shelters or dog pounds, and also ask your friends, family or coworkers if they know anyone who is trying to find a new home for their pet. Remember, when there is uncertainty in a pet’s life, you can brighten his/her spirits by providing stability for them with food, water, shelter and compassion.

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  1. Anne Good
    | Reply

    I rescued my third dog last month. Spent lots of time on Wish I could rescue more. One way I’ve found to help is to donate necessary supplies to rescue shelters.

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