FunnyBones – The Pet Shop

I just found this pet related video on YouTube … and thought you might enjoy it!

YouTube Description

1st Epsoide Of Funny Bones a childrens TV series from 1992. See for more infomation © 1992 British Broadcasting Corporation & S4C

What do you think?

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25 Responses

  1. tjdude88
    | Reply

    1:02 Two male skeletons in bed together= gay couple!

  2. cheekymonkey3np
    | Reply

    This makes me feel old, and I’m only 14 :/

  3. cheekymonkey3np
    | Reply

    Oh yeah, and this was my favourite episode too. 🙂

  4. moatguy
    | Reply

    “How about a hippopotamus?”
    “Too big!”LOL

  5. mrclassickids
    | Reply

    I remember watching FunnyBones – The Pet Shop when i was little.

  6. snowdelay
    | Reply


  7. Floobegusted
    | Reply

    @tjdude88 Correct, the funny thing is that it never occurs to you when you are a child.

  8. Floobegusted
    | Reply

    I wonder if the company that made skeleanimals got their idea from this.

  9. laceyyyxxx
    | Reply


  10. Tjechi
    | Reply

    this episode makes me emotional and smile a big big big smile 🙂

  11. The1AndOnlyMike
    | Reply

    So how did the Rabbit multiply, seeing as it’s only a skeleton and it didn’t hump anything? o_O And what’s wierder, the spawn were skeletons too!

  12. HunterCalito
    | Reply

    @The1AndOnlyMike Remember that this was a childrens show, so anything is possible. Also two male skeletons in a bed? Did anyone ever figure that one out?

  13. hugoegbert79
    | Reply

    @HunterCalito I think the fact that they’re skeletons is more strange than the fact that they’re both male…

  14. WeAllBurnStuff
    | Reply

    how about.. a hippopotamus

  15. dantemaycry89
    | Reply

    Two guys sleeping in the same bed…

    In some countries that’s considered normal y’know 😉

  16. pearlaJ92
    | Reply

    I want to make some homosexual remark about the two men sleeping in the same bed together but I just don’t want to tarnish my fond childhood memory.

    | Reply

    thanks for the great audio quality

  18. Daveys121
    | Reply

    Excellent, some memories there!

  19. WiseOwlOfGallifrey
    | Reply

    @pearlaJ92 Remember Morecambe and Wise? I’m so pleased to revisit one of my cherished childhood memories. I know a few things are debatable but the series is so charming that these things become unsignificant. Thank you Mr and Mrs Allbergh and Mr Jones.

  20. TheRedEnglishRose
    | Reply

    @The1AndOnlyMike when they got the rabbit it was already pregnant 🙂

  21. angelmist15
    | Reply

    awww yay they got the dog back in the end! i still love Funny Bones! 😀

  22. angelmist15
    | Reply

    @HunterCalito that was my thought exactly!! I never thought about it when I was a kid though. But yea why were the 2 male skeletons sleeping together? Oh well it’s their business lol.

  23. simonkhat
    | Reply

    Have the 3 Skeletons ever had a Bad Idea?

  24. AimeeBekkaNeate
    | Reply

    ha ha loved this show x

  25. Silvermoth2
    | Reply

    Aw! Poor Dog!

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